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Kyle 8 months ago
Fillmore, Utah, 84631. Don’t trust the ads on Centracom’s sites, they asked me for money to make a report they’re just trying to steel your money, I will be changing my internet service due to there low standards

steven wickes 1 year ago
Salina, Utah 84654. Just got off phone with after-hours support personnel, 3rd call. was told unless I am willing to PAY 50.00 for immediate dispatch I will not get service on this issue until MONDAY morning at the earliest. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I AM NOT going to pay a company MORE money to FIX A PROBLEM IN THEIR SYSTEMS! If problem is not fixed TODAY SATURDAY 12/17/2022, I will sell LEGAL MEAN TO RECOVER MY PAYMENT FOR LOSS OF SERVICES and search for a new service provider!

steven wickes 1 year ago
salina, Utah 84654 Internet download speeds less than 5mbs as of 8:45am on a circuit that should be at least 75mbs. this also means my centraview firestick is constantly buffering.

Sarah 1 year ago
84635 Hinckley, Internet is still offline more often than online. Called and reported it this morning. They say they are working on it, but it seems to be getting worse.

Sarah 1 year ago
84635, Hinckley Internet has been intermittent/slow for the past several weeks, getting progressively worse. It's been on and off all day today (mostly off). Back online for a few minutes now. We'll see how long it lasts

Keaton 1 year ago
84656 Scipio internet down

steven wickes 1 year ago
zip 84654, Salina Utah I am unable to connect to select sites. after-hours tech informed me there is a problem, and you folks are working on it. I would appreciate an update and more information

Jaclyn Bryan 2 years ago
Internet has been down since yesterday around 4. Still down this morning.

Julie McLachlan 2 years ago
No phone or internet since last night

Judy and Morris Wright 2 years ago
April 7, 2021 9:16 pm TV not working. Nothing will come on. just shows a circle spinning. What's going on? Internet is ok.


About CentraCom

CentraCom Interactive is a US telecommunications company, which provides Phone Service, DSL Service, Cable TV and Cable Internet to much of central, north and western Utah. CentraCom Interactive is DBA of Central Utah Telephone. Central Utah Telephone was founded in 1903 as the first Independent rural telephone company in Fairview, Utah. CentraCom is the fastest Internet service provider in the area. CentraCom Internet service offers its customers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps so they can download HD movies, upload photos, stream TV shows or simply surf, all at the same time.
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