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Helpmeplease 1 year ago
Outtage in Virginia IL going in an hour.

Rachelle B 1 year ago
Internet is spotty and goes in and out all the time in versailles il 62378

Harry wilson 1 year ago
62712Ashland, I’ll. Since your technician worked on the junction box across the street from my house 4weeks ago, all my devices are buffering, especially movie, e-mails and the Weather channel. When will you stop throttling the service?

eli 2 years ago
Easton IL. Please casscom fix your stupid service. Im trying to use my PlayStation but all I get is every hour my PlayStation internet crashing because of your service. Yes I use a Ethernet cord. Im gonna start using my hotspot until you fix this.

justin manson 2 years ago
Awful internet, drops service at least once every day. Upgraded to fiber optic recently and I am not getting speeds anywhere near what they advertise. 62684 Sherman.

kathie Campbell 2 years ago
Every single morning this week my internet is down. Every single day our cable freezes multiple times to where it has to be rebooted. It is rediculous how often this happens 62618

Dustin 2 years ago
Constantly cutting in an during movies or games if something is not done I’ll be cancelling service they took this comment down once I’ll be continuing to put it here until something is done so no one else falls for this

Dustin 2 years ago
Constantly goes out an for hours or days at a time games freeze an lag movieS won’t work half the time today is last day if they don’t do something I’ll be canceling my service Mason city 62664

Kathie 2 years ago
Internet and cable are going down multiple times a day for the last week. Prefer to pay for something that is worth paying for and actually enjoy it.

Kathie 2 years ago
62618 Beardstown

Fish Jeanette 2 years ago
My internet is constantly going in and out always have bad signals throughout my house. I pay for a month and it may stay on half that time

Jay 2 years ago
Very unreliable internet hasn't worked right for 2 weeks

Dan 2 years ago
Our signal is consistently & constantly cutting out. Like every 20-30 seconds.

Dan 2 years ago
Our signal is consistently & constantly cutting out. Like every 20-30 seconds.

Simon 2 years ago
This is becoming a regular problem. Happens way to often

Mike ryan 2 years ago
Sherman 62684. Most channels not working. Internet and phone OK

Billy Lemme 2 years ago
Limited number of channels for several hours. Displays signal unavailable.

Peg Ratliff 2 years ago
Frozen channels on TV IN Griggsville 62340 (3/16/2021)



CASSCOMM is a small US telecommunications company offering various internet service within the state of Illinois, servicing the communities of Brighton, Havana, Pittsfield, Havana, Mason City and Manito area. The cable internet from CASSCOMM is made available to an estimated 44,000 customers, making it the 77th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. In addition to their cable broadband services, CASSCOMM also offers fixed wireless, DSL, and fiber internet service to approximately 33,000 people in total.
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