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Jeff Avatar

Jeff 5 months ago
Unacceptable... Premium price, cheap equipment, under trained staff... Businesses workers depends on internet. I wish there was a penalty $$$$ for those providers when internet is out for more than 30 minutes.. Money talks and I garantie you if it was the case, internet outage would happen as often as it does now... they don't have any incentive to fix things in a timely manner

D G Avatar

D G 5 months ago
Another outage, as usual.... 36870

Symone Avatar

Symone 5 months ago
36867 I been out of work for four damn hours!!!!!!!! I am so mad!!!!! Because what!!!! I am missing money on my paycheck because of these people that’s why I will be going back to ga next month I will never come back to live over here never!!!!!

Ryan Avatar

Ryan 5 months ago
Internet has been having problems ever since the “upgrade” some short time ago. Now it’s just down and out right before Christmas. And who wants to help? Not Beam. I swear they enjoy our pain and suffering. This company’s service is garbage. 36870

J Avatar

J 5 months ago
Monopoly with bad service

Bruce Avatar

Bruce 5 months ago
36870 Yet again, an outage. I truly hate this company. All they do is raise rates and offer zero incentives to exist9ng customers....while offering low speeds at high prices. Whereas other people enjoy 1Gb connection for $100, we get to enjoy 1/10th of that for the same price. The lack of competition here is ridiculous. I wish someone would come in and offer literally any competition so we could cut ties. We dont even have the luxury of using U-verse or verizon at our house

Sharael S Avatar

Sharael S 5 months ago
Internet has been real intermittent for weeks. It’s ridiculous. I work from home so this is interfering with my job. 36869 Phenix City

Kesha Avatar

Kesha 6 months ago
Wifi internet service not been working in over 6 hours now.

K Avatar

K 7 months ago
:] I'd say I'm shocked but honestly. I'm more shocked when it stays stable for a week. "T-Thank you f-for s-supporting your w-wocal company! owo" BRUH. Y'all out here acting like we have a choice.

Beth Foster Avatar

Beth Foster 7 months ago

kai Avatar

kai 7 months ago
36870 Internet has been out since 5 am this morning and after resetting it, rebooting it, and doing anything else I can think of there still hasn't been any progress. I've currently been holding on the phone with the company for over 20 minutes.

Tony Avatar

Tony 7 months ago
Outage at 36867. Luckily I have a WAN switch with built in failover to a redundant connection through T-Mobile home internet. My speeds aren’t great right now, but the redundant connection is working ok for streaming TV and running my security cameras. We need another broadband provider in Phenix City. Beam will not get there act together until they have some competition that cost them customers.

Chris  Avatar

Chris 7 months ago
36870 out once again, has been great for awhile, seems to be getting worse again.

Brittany  Avatar

Brittany 7 months ago
36869. Phenix City, internet has been out since 5 a.m and this is ridiculous. It happens i many times in a month. It needs to be fixed.

Nikki  Avatar

Nikki 7 months ago
36870 PC-outage here as well…need to know when this will be fixed

Alyssa Avatar

Alyssa 7 months ago
36870 phenix city. Service down as per usual every other day here lately. Why do we pay so much money to have internet outages every other day!

Jeffrey Teagle Avatar

Jeffrey Teagle 7 months ago
36870 - Service has been out for six hours now. I hate that they are the only game in town. CTVBEAM sucks for what they charge you every month.

No internet for 6 hours Avatar

No internet for 6 hours 7 months ago
Why aren’t there any other providers in the pc area?? This is horrible!

Walker Avatar

Walker 7 months ago
Phenix city wifi has been out for hours!!!!

Tanner Avatar

Tanner 7 months ago
Smiths station Wi-Fi down!


About Cable TV of East Alabama

Cable TV of East Alabama is a small US company that offers internet service only within the state of Alabama and mostly in its eastern region. The cable internet, cable TV, and phone service available from Cable TV of East Alabama is offered to an estimated 84,000 customers, making it the 59th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. They also offer digital TV, internet and voice packages.

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Reported outages on 25.05.2023:
There were a total of 10 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were: Locust Fork, Phenix City, Atlanta
Reported outages on 24.05.2023:
There were a total of 35 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were: McCalla, Atlanta, Fultondale, Birmingham, Springville
Reported outages on 23.05.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta
Reported outages on 22.05.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were: Union Springs
Reported outages on 21.05.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta