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Internet 67%
TV 33%

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About Cable ONE

Cable One provides Internet, phone, cable broadband, and television to customers across the United States. The company has donned a new avatar and has been rebranded as Sparklight. Appropriately, its focus has shifted to providing high-speed data and broadband services to all its customers.

Sparklight/Cable One is determined to meet the evolving needs of its customers with faster-than-before connections. Streaming at the same time has never been easier and faster. Cable One Business offers services and scalable products to business customers across the entire market spectrum.

The company has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, where more than 88 percent have access to fast, and wired broadband. Regular customers can avail of existing standard services and also have access to Cable One’s latest products and offerings.

Cable One allows customers the flexibility of bundled services. This helps consumers to optimize their connections to the best extent, cost-effectively.

Regional Availability

As one of the largest cable providers, Cable One serves more than 20 states including Texas, Idaho, and Mississippi. The company’s cable Internet services are in great demand in these three states. Small communities in many states across the country also benefit from its residential phone services and cable television. Two large cities- Boise and Fargo are served by Cable One.

Many business customers benefit from its niche solutions such as business ethernet, high-definition programming, and cell tower backhaul. Cable One also offers high-speed Internet via its fiber-coaxial network in a restricted number of states. Sparklight’s new WIFI ONE allows customers to use many devices at the same time without compromising on faster Wi-Fi speeds.

With the acquisition of Clearwave Communications, Cable One is well-positioned to expand its fiber network into Southern Illinois.

Errors/Network Problems

Improper Wi-Fi reception or bad internet connectivity could give rise to a whole lot of network problems. Though it can be pretty frustrating, it pays to do a bit of troubleshooting before contacting customer service. Most network errors can be resolved by the users themselves.
However, if the network remains down or the errors don’t release, then go to the help center for guidance. Sometimes the official troubleshooting guide shows the way out. Users can connect via Facebook or tweet about their issues. This generally throws some light.
If nothing works out, contact customer service at 1(877) 692-2253.

Troubleshoot yourself

Cable One services may be interrupted for many reasons. First of all, it’s a good idea to check to see whether the equipment is faulty.

If the TV freezes or picture quality deteriorates and you get error codes
- Check to see whether the coaxial cable between the receiver and outlet is tightly screwed
- Switch off power to the receiver for about half a minute and then restore power

In case of a channel outage
- Remove the power cable from the cable box and then reconnect again. Wait for half an hour before checking for channels

If the Internet has stopped working
- Check whether there is a power outage. If yes, wait till it is restored
- Check whether the power switches are switched on
- Restore modem to its original position and connect it to the same outlet it was originally installed on

If nothing works, contact tech support at 877-692-225.

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@zimmermanj40 Welp @CableOne you made this decision easy. A loyal customer of 9 years who's paid well over $15,000 in that span,…

17.10.2019 01:00:01
Twitter chartreux312

@chartreux312 @cableONE, I believe in family friendly entertainment and I demand that you add #RFD-TV and #THE COWBOY CHANNEL RT…

16.10.2019 22:13:00
Twitter brendenflores4

@brendenflores4 @NovalokHD @sparklightcares @CableOne Is it messing up nationwide or something. I’m seeing multiple people say stuff like this.

16.10.2019 10:24:11
Twitter PowerSIide

@PowerSIide @sparklightcares @CableOne you fucking suck dude. Literally the worst internet provider there is.

15.10.2019 23:22:31
Twitter NovalokHD

@NovalokHD Just wanting to have a good birthday stream…and @sparklightcares formerly @CableOne has to go and screw up the in…

15.10.2019 23:11:33
Twitter Families_Gaming

@Families_Gaming @Restreamio I love restream because it doesn’t drop packets like when I stream directly to twitch (@CableOne doesn’…

15.10.2019 16:19:31
Twitter dazrussinger

@dazrussinger So @sparklightcares (formally @CableOne) has been charging me and @kateRussinger an extra $40 for 8 months and won…

15.10.2019 16:19:16
Twitter BigPladMan

@BigPladMan @CableOne Nah I already got it fixed, it was just frustrating that I had to wait 2 hours rather than call my technician back after a mistake

15.10.2019 16:11:01
Twitter wde_jeffro

@wde_jeffro @CableOne Thank you

13.10.2019 14:28:05
Twitter P11nkXBL

@P11nkXBL @BakedClown @Spectrum @CableOne This was tonight... had to end my stream again!!

13.10.2019 02:50:45
Twitter wde_jeffro

@wde_jeffro @CableOne any chance NBATV and MLB Network get added to the channel lineup?

13.10.2019 01:39:46
Twitter BakedClown

@BakedClown @P11nkXBL @Spectrum I have the same problem with Sparklite formally known as @CableOne

12.10.2019 22:11:19
Twitter SpotandRabbit

@SpotandRabbit @ESPNF1 Alright. Seeing OTG at 23:30 CDT. However @CableOne shows ESPN Goal Line from 18:00 to 22:00. Nothing about Qualy at 19:55

12.10.2019 17:14:56
Twitter kvschulze

@kvschulze @heybert17 @CableOne @Change Seriously though! They better change it back.

12.10.2019 16:57:47
Twitter heybert17

@heybert17 NewWave Communications: NewWaveCommunications Please return Viacom Channels to cable line up. - Sign the Petition!…

05.10.2019 05:01:26
Twitter WH1TSON

@WH1TSON Hey @Suddenlink this is one of your “valued customers” after being without TV & WiFi for 7 hours, as well as being…

04.10.2019 02:41:54
Twitter TiffanyAbbott23

@TiffanyAbbott23 Idk who else feels this way but @CableOne (newwave) can kiss my ass! Their internet sucks and I'll be glad when we switch!

04.10.2019 01:52:02
Twitter KokiriKidd_

@KokiriKidd_ Internet providers know this, if you limit my internet speeds, rates, or hike my prices, I will drop you and move o…

03.10.2019 18:08:14
Twitter KR0SSED0UT

@KR0SSED0UT @CableOne @sparklightcares Internet just dropped in Idaho Falls/83401. Downtime 15min and counting.

03.10.2019 07:30:08
Twitter heybert17

@heybert17 NewWave Communications Please return Viacom Channels to cable line up. - Sign the Petition!…

03.10.2019 05:39:40
Twitter MATTatACA

@MATTatACA Way to go, Jeremy! Good for you! @CableOne @sparklightcares

02.10.2019 20:51:30
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@VoiceOfB2B @schurzcominc @CableOne @EvolutionDig @OpenVault @ACAConnects Talking profitability, how should operators monetize…

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@TedatACA Idaho Falls, Idaho,-based @CableOne Advanced Technician Jeremy Stoddard cleaned up at SCTE awards event in the Inno…

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@Kedavro Welp my internet is trash today awesome thanks a lot @CableOne or newwave ...

01.10.2019 20:34:12
Twitter fraydog

@fraydog @CableOne Any plans to add CableWiFi support?

30.09.2019 18:26:19