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Mavis Avatar

Mavis 2 months ago
Internet down for over an hour Toledo 43612

David Marr Avatar

David Marr 3 months ago
44839. Huron. No internet for a couple of hours

mike Avatar

mike 4 months ago
internet has been out over 18 hours 43560 Sylvania

Lisa Avatar

Lisa 4 months ago
43615 no internet.

Tom Snyder Avatar

Tom Snyder 5 months ago
48182 Temperance

Dennis Smith Avatar

Dennis Smith 11 months ago
Problems with internet 43615, mostly down but when it's on it is very slow . Speed is 6 Mbps when it should be over 200. Buckeye dropped the ball again, they say they don't know what is wrong

Martin Avatar

Martin 11 months ago
Toledo Ohio south end internet is down. 3/29/22

Lewis Ellis Avatar

Lewis Ellis 1 year ago
No email in Westerville, OH 43081 all day 1/12/22.

Linda Herman Avatar

Linda Herman 1 year ago
43613. Have issues often but now no internet for hours. They said they don't know the problem of when it would be fixed

Cas Avatar

Cas 1 year ago
43605 east Toledo I consistently deal with blackout which makes life super hard because everything i do is connected to the internet. Right now for no reason my internet is down and i had to use freenet to even post this!

Bob Avatar

Bob 1 year ago
43611 in toledo and the service sucks just plan sucks, the cost is way to much and the service is never good

Jeff Avatar

Jeff 1 year ago
44839, Huron/Sandusky Constant interruptions in service which make working from home a huge problem. Buckeye says it’s our modem- which has been replaced twice. Signal inbound modulates so drastically that the connection just fails. Why do we pay top dollar for service that flat out sucks??!!


About Buckeye

Buckeye Broadband, also simply known as Buckeye is a US Cable and Communication company, and was also known as The CableSystem up until 1996. It is located in Toledo, Ohio and serves Northwestern Ohio and some parts of Southeastern Michigan. Buckeye Broadband is a full-service cable company which includes services such as TV, broadband and home telephone services. They also operate their cable system in Sandusky and Erie County in north central Ohio, and was formerly known as Erie County Cablevision.

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Reported outages on 25.03.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Buckeye. The most frequently affected cities were: Detroit
Reported outages on 21.03.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Buckeye. The most frequently affected cities were: Dayton