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Phone 18%
Blackout 6%

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Buckeye Broadband, also simply known as Buckeye is a US Cable and Communication company, and was also known as The CableSystem up until 1996. It is located in Toledo, Ohio and serves Northwestern Ohio and some parts of Southeastern Michigan. Buckeye Broadband is a full-service cable company which includes services such as TV, broadband and home telephone services. They also operate their cable system in Sandusky and Erie County in north central Ohio, and was formerly known as Erie County Cablevision.

Live reports

Twitter MattBurrell51

@MattBurrell51 RT @MadBipolarSmile: @MattBurrell51 I’m glad I was able to meet you. A fellow Buckeye down in Texas. It’s a journey and you’re still travel…

20.11.2019 16:34:50
Twitter MadBipolarSmile

@MadBipolarSmile @MattBurrell51 I’m glad I was able to meet you. A fellow Buckeye down in Texas. It’s a journey and you’re still tra…

20.11.2019 16:28:09
Twitter SSJ2Penguin_57

@SSJ2Penguin_57 @KirkHerbstreit @BUFootball @OU_Football @CoachMattRhule Seriously Kirk, how'd you guys let Penn St./Ohio St. slip…

19.11.2019 20:45:59
Twitter Buckeye_Central

@Buckeye_Central The Brown's make history... and not in a good way :-( So sad! Leadership Matters!

15.11.2019 19:36:20
Twitter oldgorky

@oldgorky @America1stTiger @Ohio_Buckeye_US They got away :(

11.11.2019 16:48:52
Twitter TheBuckeye11

@TheBuckeye11 @jbook37 Proud and good!! Keep it rolling Joey Buckeye..... Down goes Bama is some of the sweetest music since Hang on Sloopy!!

10.11.2019 23:25:21
Twitter MichaelBCline

@MichaelBCline @jbook37 Buckeye Problem- worrying about being 1st or 2nd in the CFP. Michigan Problem-worrying about being 3rd or 4th in the Big 10 East.

10.11.2019 16:59:58
Twitter Vanilla_Chill_6

@Vanilla_Chill_6 Once a @buckeye always a Buckeye.

10.11.2019 12:50:12
Twitter Vanilla_Chill_6

@Vanilla_Chill_6 Let's see what he can do against the @buckeye defense. You may have a different opinion. With that being said. Bu…

10.11.2019 00:58:18
Twitter SugarShaneT

@SugarShaneT @KingJames Only way to keep a young Buckeye down in the great state of Ohio sad!!! But I promise this years buckeye…

10.11.2019 00:48:36
Twitter tiki_Buckeye

@tiki_Buckeye :( #asteroids #NEO International Business Times: This Is The Biggest Asteroid That Could Hit Earth Warns NASA Impa…

09.11.2019 23:43:59
Twitter _adamwhitman_

@_adamwhitman_ He said “Team Up North”... he’s still a Buckeye!!! You still don’t get to have your name up in the Shoe if you win…

05.11.2019 23:01:51
Twitter Bradkennan

@Bradkennan @MartySmithESPN @Gobucks2204 @OhioStateFB @UMichFootball @LSUfootball @AlabamaFTBL Always a @buckeye... never saying the M word

05.11.2019 16:15:27
Twitter mysticcxnch

@mysticcxnch i miss buckeye :(

04.11.2019 20:52:26
Twitter ErinMS8873

@ErinMS8873 I’m extremely disappointed in @OhioState. Didn’t think I would ever say this, I’m not happy to call myself a @Buckeye after watching this ☹️

03.11.2019 20:55:42
Twitter ZeroBarkThirty6

@ZeroBarkThirty6 @JohnJandersen37 @buckeye_spartan @UMichFootball @buckeye Aaaaaaand muted.

02.11.2019 18:24:08
Twitter JohnJandersen37

@JohnJandersen37 @buckeye_spartan @ZeroBarkThirty6 @UMichFootball @buckeye My value is not measured by my followers, I'm sorry that'…

02.11.2019 18:18:22
Twitter buckeye_spartan

@buckeye_spartan @JohnJandersen37 @ZeroBarkThirty6 @UMichFootball @buckeye My bad for arguing with a guy with 3 followers. Rookie move.

02.11.2019 18:15:22
Twitter JohnJandersen37

@JohnJandersen37 @ZeroBarkThirty6 @buckeye_spartan @UMichFootball Youre right, keeping it civil, how was that drive @buckeye spartan?

02.11.2019 18:12:31
Twitter Rokk1003

@Rokk1003 Living in SEC country and being a @OhioStateFB fan you quickly notice how folks down here will do anything to discr…

30.10.2019 13:13:29
Twitter R_Buckeye

@R_Buckeye RT @harbleuOW: LFT academy/owl. Sigma/zarya/hog/hammond/dva. Willing to do tryouts and putting any team activities before any sort of strea…

30.10.2019 03:25:31
Twitter rsw4219

@rsw4219 @_Taye25 Yeah get a buckeye down there

27.10.2019 23:00:31
Twitter M_xc_

@M_xc_ RT @kimbeerIy: Well I’m on my way to buckeye now and I’m mad that it didn’t take much convincing >:(

27.10.2019 01:30:24
Twitter kimbeerIy

@kimbeerIy Well I’m on my way to buckeye now and I’m mad that it didn’t take much convincing >:(

27.10.2019 00:51:31
Twitter sciuruso

@sciuruso This is not very Buckeye of me but my gut says Wisconsin might beat OSU today. Let’s hope not. :(

26.10.2019 14:36:06
Twitter gravenkris

@gravenkris @Brutus_Buckeye why’d I get unfollowed :(

24.10.2019 03:37:06
Twitter Rokk1003

@Rokk1003 @Vonn @Saints Next time you swing through Ridgeland let us know. Be nice to meet a #Buckeye down here in SEC country #BuckeyeNation

22.10.2019 23:38:39
Twitter RogueNotary

@RogueNotary @mrhortywho No I missed it! I did’nt realize it was happening until it had happened :( As a Buckeye fan I’m kinda bummed about it.

19.10.2019 19:46:21
Twitter veverkasci_ss

@veverkasci_ss Another reason I love to teach.. Thank you Sebastian for making me smile.., @Buckeye @RLSD_Beavers

18.10.2019 15:42:31