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Ray 3 months ago
Your internet sucks 44406 Canfield

Stephanie 1 year ago
Internet TV and phone have been down in 44514 since Saturday. April 1, 2023

Dave 1 year ago
14897 internet down no phone either

Dave 1 year ago
14737 - connected but super high jitter rate and connectivity is intermittent. Streaming is a no go at this point so no TV, I get just enough bandwidth to check the Armstrong website to see that they are not updating to let us know of any fix estimates. Downdetector is still showing the outages but fewer reports as of this morning. I am surprised a the lack of customer service. If it's going to be a while, let us know so we can make alternative arrangements, especially folks working from home.

Jon 1 year ago
Internet has been down since 11:30 am yesterday in Mt. Gilead, 43338. Have been unable to contact Armstrong to get any kind of information. May be time to look into other provider options.

Werner 1 year ago
14855 can you please let me know when this issue is going to be resolved a lot of our phones are not working properly. If we have to call out for an emergency won’t work this is not good.

David Peyers 1 year ago
No internet in Route 16 (Knapp Creek) Olean NY 14760

Gregory 1 year ago
Wellington OH 44090 internet is still down. It's been down since yesterday. It's a little frustrating... Got work I need to do on my computer:(

CKP 1 year ago
Medina 44256 Internet has been out since 2pm yesterday. My calls won’t go through or it rings busy.

Kat 1 year ago
Houghton and surrounding areas. Internet barely loading or not loading at all from Sat 3/25 and currently Sunday 3/26. TV internet connection goes black while trying to watch a show or refuses to load at all.

Jeff Rahr 1 year ago
Alma NY. 14708 Internet is on but slow. My wifi calling is cutting out and internet TV is slow to load.

Peter 1 year ago
West Clarksvile,NY. 14727. Been down since 3pm. We rely on wifi calling. What happens if we need to call 911? No one answers the phone. No customer service. Sorry I ever signed on. Parhetic.

Stanton Conley 1 year ago
Still downing Ashland

Tk 1 year ago
Still down since 2pm in Medina 44256

Fred 1 year ago
Internet still nearly dead here in franklinville, ny. To bad in year 2023 there's still telecom providers who still don't give a sh** about letting their customer base know what's going on. I guess that means since 3:30 ish PM to now after 11:30PM Armstrong is still clueless on why their service isn't working... 14101 Franklinville, NY

Jane 1 year ago
Yes down 44256 all day. Armstrong just needs to let customers know for how long. Still down at almost 11pm.

scott 1 year ago
Still down in Medina for almost 12 hours. Armstrong won't even answer their phones. Total cowards and aren't staffed for normal customer service support. What a joke.

Liana 1 year ago
We know the cable is out but we don't know how or when it may come back. I wish you would let us call in and at least listen to a message informing us what is going on instead of giving a busy signal snd hanging up. Bad Form Armstrong !! 44256 Medina

Laurie Ozimek 1 year ago
Very slow internet in Friendship, NY

Rich 1 year ago
Very slow internet friendship 14739


About Armstrong

Armstrong is a telecommunications provider operating mainly in the northeastern part of the United States. It was founded as the Armstrong County Line Construction company in the year 1946 by Jud Sedwick. Sedwick and his brother built up Armstrong from humble beginnings consisting of just two crews who manually set up telephone lines and poles across the entire western Pennsylvania area. Within a year, the company grew to 12 crews and is today the biggest operator in the northeast.

Armstrong is currently a provider for internet service, cable television, and cable telephone services. The Zoom Internet from Armstrong is a high-speed service that gives a high data cap of 1TB. Armstrong Cable, the television service, offers video on demand, personal video recorders, pay per view service, and fully HD digital programming. The Cable Telephone service from Armstrong is a popular service that can be availed individually or as a bundle with the television or internet service. Armstrong provides unlimited calling via this service to all the states in the country along with Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Regional availability

Situated primarily in the northeast U.S., Armstrong telecommunications currently operates in 6 states - Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and its home state of Pennsylvania. Ranked among the 15 biggest multi-network operators in the country, Armstrong is a popular provider, with numerous awards under its belt. Consumer Reports rated the company number one in customer service for two consecutive years, 2014 and 2015.

Errors / network problems

The Armstrong website has a very useful Self Help and Support section that you can read through for information on the common problems and network issues you may face. The site also has a troubleshooting tool that can be used to verify your connection if it’s down, reset your router network, change passwords and also run speed tests on the Armstrong Zoom internet service.

Armstrong offers one of the fastest internet networks in the northeast. Though there have been instances of network outages, the infrastructure used by the company enables them to fix problems at a very low turnaround time.

Troubleshoot yourself

Armstrong has in-built video troubleshooting tools in their television service that can help you reset the video devices in case of faults. If there are errors in the on-demand service, such as CM-91 or an SRM-20 error, you might have tried to pause the service in the middle of an update. Simply reset the set-top box and allow it to boot up normally to restore the update.

If your internet service is down, try a simple restart of your PC to allow the connection to refresh. If this doesn’t work, reboot the wireless router by unplugging the cord from the device. Wait a couple of minutes and then plug it back in. Also, try rebooting the Wi-Fi modem to see if that fixes the issue. Sometimes, when service from Armstrong is down, it might be due to a local outage. Check the Armstrong website for latest network updates in your area.

If none of the troubleshooting options work, you can contact the Armstrong support team at 1-877-486-4666 or send them a tweet on their Twitter handle @followarmstrong.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 12.04.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Armstrong. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 11.04.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Armstrong. The most frequently affected cities were: Columbus
Reported outages on 10.04.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Armstrong. The most frequently affected cities were: Marlton
Reported outages on 09.04.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Armstrong. The most frequently affected cities were: Birmingham
Reported outages on 08.04.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Armstrong. The most frequently affected cities were: Detroit, Lewis Center
Reported outages on 07.04.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Armstrong. The most frequently affected cities were: Medina

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