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Common problems are:

Internet 76%
TV 18%
Blackout 4%
Website 1%
Phone 1%

Affected cities:

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About Antietam Cable Television

Antietam Cable Television is a small internet provider for internet services provided within the state of Maryland. The cable internet services that Antietam Cable Television offers is available to an estimated 132,000 customers, which makes it the 45th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Outside of offering high speed cable broadband, Antietam Cable Television also offers their clients a new service; fiber internet. Its fiber service is currently made available to approximately 3,000 customers.

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@durkeetowner @ZaknafienDC That looks awesome. I downloaded Gettysburg and Antietam recently (old Sid Meiers games) but couldn't get them to run :(

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@Liquid_Quants Just like my friend Tatiana is the spirit of Catherine the Great! Abe Lincoln's blood flows through my veins. I'm t…

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@kikikarenn @witchyfilm My dad was a history major and he wanted to name me Antietam after the battle of Antietam and my mom sa…

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@_gasser Yesterday more Americans died in a single day than any time in history with exception of Battle Antietam 1862 :-(

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