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Roy sydnor 3 months ago
Warsaw va - its Thursday again and service is down, same day every week. Last week a fiber cut, what now?

Kate 5 months ago
Storm last night No Internet no outage showing. 40330 zip code.

Perry Leistikow 9 months ago
Harrodsburg Ky 40330 A month with slow speed from KBBS to low MBPS and I am paying for the 12 MBPS . Try to call and just get HOLD . If I get thru it's no help . I already rebooted many times and bypassed my router . Service is BAD -

David 11 months ago
Here we go again. 40330

Stu Pidaso 1 year ago
How can a company charge you for a service you’re not getting? Even the electric company as tied up is they are in the stock market and commodities, even they don’t charge you for days you don’t get service. What is with this company. Is the Board of Directors aware of how the people are being treated? The first chance another option is available I am gone.

Lauren Brutscher 2 years ago
No Internet AGAIN !! No outages reported on the Map. Have not had Internet since 3pm. All Points your service is crap !! I can’t believe you have the audacity to charge us for NOT having Internet

Cole and garrett 2 years ago
This internet sucks for 70.00 a month, weve been out last 2 weekends. No love here. Harrodsburg ky

Chris ganem 2 years ago
Extreme problems with internet dropping out for 3 weeks now. Lightining storm on august 20th started it. Harrodsburg ky 40330

Laure Brutscher 2 years ago
Too many outages !! Not acceptable !! Simpsonville, KY


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All Points Broadband is the trusted broadband internet service provider for customer’s in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky. All Points Broadband’s technicians are always one call away. Network status can be checked via the feature available on the website.
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