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Mary 1 year ago
I am no longer able to send email to people. Any email is now instantly returned and I am told to contact the postmaster. This is not helpful.

KC 1 year ago
Also tried to send a check and was returned PO no longer in service. Looking around for other hosting services. 68521 Lincoln

Kathy 1 year ago
Lincoln 68523 Update: Receiving mail now, but can't send any.

Kathy 1 year ago
Lincoln 68523 Tried to log on to email this morning and got message, "connection to storage server failed" I think they just dumped customers without any notification. Before today no new email but could at least get logged in to my account. Would have liked to have been able to retrieve stuff I had saved.

Mary 1 year ago
I haven't gotten any mail since Thursday. July 21, not even junk. Any idea what is happening?

JT 1 year ago
Plattsmouth 68048 No inebraska access for two days.

dc 2 years ago
To Everyone, Has anyone mailed a payment or made an online payment to Internet Nebraska recently? Apparently their USPS post office box was closed several months ago for non-rent payment. The online payment application doesn't work. Does anyone know what has happened or is happening to the company? As of now, there is still internet webmail for the present time but could change any time. If anyone knows more definite details then please let the rest of us know. What are others doing to replace Internet Nebraska for their webmail service? 68510 Lincoln

dc 2 years ago
When you call the Internet Nebraska phone number, no one answers the phone. Instead you get a recorded message saying they have their best men working on the email outage problem. You are then asked to leave a message and someone will return your call but no one does.Lincoln 68510

Kathy 2 years ago
Lincoln 68523 No email again. Anyone know if they are still in business?

Jeff Parker 2 years ago
Plattsmouth 68048. Email out AGAIN and no one to report it to. Anyone know who to call or contact?

TAB 2 years ago
68505. Not the first time. It's been a long weekend. Hope it is fixed today(Monday 7/11.)

dc 2 years ago
Webmail message stating failure to connect to the email storage server. Access is denied. Domain Name expiration is probable cause. 68510 Lincoln

dc 2 years ago
Today is July 10th, 2022. Internet Nebraska now has an expired domain name so no one can no longer reach the website. This is problem is fixable but it again shows Internet Nebraska has problems which are not being addressed.

PG 2 years ago
Same issues as everyone else! It is beyond frustrating!!! Hastings 68901

Arda P 2 years ago
68504. Lincoln No internet since Tuesday, April 26. Can log into webmail, but no new messages. Cannot reach by telephone, only receive a recorded message and mailbox full.

KO 2 years ago
Lincoln 68502 Email also out since Tuesday. No response to messages left with internet Nebraska. Would love to know if anyone has information.

cc 2 years ago
68130 Omaha. email service since Tuesday, April 27th. Unable to contact their office. Voicemail is full. Does anyone know what is going on?

dc 2 years ago
(4-29-2022) Lincoln 68510 Has anyone else lost their email service? Presently I have no email either sending or receiving. This latest email outage began Tuesday (4-26-2022) sometime during the day. This is going into the fourth day. While the email website is still online, there haven't been any further emails received since then. Nothing you do to try contacting the business works either. I notice that CenturyLink in Omaha has had an internet outage but shouldn't affect Internet Nebraska unless Internet Nebraska is using someone else's ISP for services.

Sue 2 years ago
I cannot send/receive emails from my phone or computer. I also cannot download inebraska emails from the server onto my computer. I have a Certificate Expired error message, but no idea how to fix it. I am paid up through May 2022 with inebraska. I've called and left a message with them -- good luck trying to get anyone from there to return a call! How can I get some help? 68467, York, NE

CJ 2 years ago
Butch—Barely in business. Hosting email but no longer providing DSL. Cutoff DSL service with no notice. As a rural customer it is taking us over 2 weeks to get an alternative. In the meantime, no internet while working from home.


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Internet Nebraska Corporation is an American company that offers internet service only within the state of Nebraska. They have DSL internet which is available to an estimated 1.4 million people, and that figure makes them the 13th largest provider of DSL broadband in the US by coverage area. Beyond DSL broadband, Internet Nebraska Corporation also offers cable, fixed wireless, and copper internet service. Its cable service is available to 359,000 customers, its fixed wireless service is available to around 42,000 customers.
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