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Johnathan 10 months ago
Storm knocked out internet 36870 phenix City

DJ 10 months ago
Internet out after the storms passed. Ladonia

Tj 10 months ago
No internet ????

Tamara H 10 months ago
No internet 36870

Jeremiah 10 months ago
No service in Seale, Al 36875

Vontavious Perry 10 months ago
BEAM Bringing East Alabama Migraines ????????Phenix City + 36870

Von 10 months ago
This ctvea is a shit show of a service. Shit works part time for a full time price. BEAM should stand for bringing east Alabama mess. I’m disgusted

Lisa 10 months ago
Is beam out in the 36877 area

Split 10 months ago
36870 ctv down as usual

Katt 11 months ago
:] I'm back for my biweekly post about how dogwater this company and service is. Out for the fourth time this week. — Phenix City, 36869

Sandy 11 months ago
I'm so sick of ctv beam. Our internet goes out numerous times a day. It doesn't matter how many times they come out to "fix" it it never gets better. You can't even get internet from my room where the put the box for some reason to my kids room. I live in a small trailer. I should have a fantastic signal anywhere in here. If I could go through anyone else I would. 36877

Dan 11 months ago
Goes out several times per day for several weeks now. I have no other options for internet providers. I would like to file a class action lawsuit to challenge the exclusivity contract that BEAM has with the city. This is bure bull shite. If anyone is interested in supporting such a lawsuit, email me at [email protected]

Ron lunsford 11 months ago
Switched from AT&T about a week ago to Beam. Wanted to support local and be able to speak to someone if there was a problem. I am so disappointed in this service since the 2nd day Having so much trouble with internet and can't get anyone to answer the phone. AT&T would answer even if they were in another country

Katt 11 months ago
Really? I mean, really. This is so damn dumb how garbage this monopoly is with their over-priced, subpar service. It's starting to get predictable now. 36869

Ryan 1 year ago
36870 Phenix City You charge us an astronimcal amount to not answer your phones to give us info during this nor do you send out info?

Jennifer 1 year ago
36869--Uhhhhh...I have to work to be able to work to pay you guys. Just saying.

Julia 1 year ago
Intermittent last night and again today?! Fort Mitchell, 36856

Rider 1 year ago
North PC experiencing intermittent internet outage for the last couple of hours. Off and back on....but off more than on. No maintenance plans posted on the website. C'mon y'all.

Tb 1 year ago
36870, constantly fluctuating, but tonight it’s going out for a while, flitting back on then going right back out again.

Hope Wilson 1 year ago
Switched from AT&T cuz so expensive and always going out. Well, now you guys are


About Cable TV of East Alabama

Eastern Alabama cable television is a small American company that provides internet access in the state of Alabama primarily in its eastern region. The internet, cable television, and phone services available from Cable TV of East Alabama are intended for an estimated 84,000 customers, this is the 59th largest provider of cable broadband in the U.S. by territory. They also provide digital television, internet, and voice services.
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Reported outages on 24.05.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta
Reported outages on 22.05.2024:
There were a total of 3 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Moody
Reported outages on 21.05.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Cable TV of East Alabama. The most frequently affected cities were:

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