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Common problems are:

Internet 95%
TV 3%
Website 1%
Blackout 1%

Affected cities:

Dallas, Fort Worth

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About Access Media 3

Access Media 3 also known as 'AM3' is an American Internet, television and telephone provider service company that is based in Oak Brook, Illinois. The company specializes in providing internet services to multi-dwelling units such as condominiums, apartments, retirement communities and student housing in the state. Currently, AM3 serves clients in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, DC. And as of right now, AM3 serves approximately 50,000 revenue generating units in over 450 properties across those states.

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Twitter vane_am3

@vane_am3 TONYYYY :(((

12.02.2021 16:09:37
Twitter venom_jess

@venom_jess the problem is its an AM4 and i have an AM3+ motherboard, so i'd need to buy a new mobo. :(

11.02.2021 09:10:36