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Common problems are:

TV 84%
No signal 9%
Internet 4%
Website 1%
Phone 1%
Blackout 1%

Affected cities:

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DirecTV is an American television broadcasting satellite service provider which provides direct access to content. Since 2015, they are a subsidiary of AT&T. Its founded on a satellite service which transmits digital satellite cable and television, and also radio, directly to homes all over the US, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Live reports

Twitter fillorkill

@fillorkill @notthefakeraw @ChrisMarlowe @nuggets @DIRECTV @katywinge Chris is one of the most versatile sports announcers in t…

21.01.2020 05:27:58
Twitter cynfusco

@cynfusco RT @Freedom4Horses: GET “Trapping Time TV” OFF THE AIR - Sign the Petition! @dish @DIRECTV --> #MondayMotivaton #pet…

21.01.2020 05:26:43
Twitter KillaKlips

@KillaKlips @Laura_Britt_ I really enjoyed watching all of you postgame/pregame and throughout the season. Will you be doing a…

21.01.2020 05:10:14
Twitter Marine1JLH

@Marine1JLH @DIRECTV makes an offer to get us back #directvwinback scam...2yr we get no return calls; crap servi…

21.01.2020 04:49:27
Twitter LexieNicoleXOXO

@LexieNicoleXOXO My last grievance is that now I have to use my cellular data and will probably deplete my monthly allowance because…

21.01.2020 04:48:18
Twitter designedbybill

@designedbybill @DirtyDsanch3 @AltitudeTV @nuggets @katywinge @ChrisMarlowe @comcastcares Last time I called @Xfinity the rep apolo…

21.01.2020 04:47:24
Twitter Marine1JLH

@Marine1JLH @ATT @ATTHelp @DIRECTV B.S. sales tactics! When is the intent install? #attscam #directvscam

21.01.2020 04:45:29
Twitter LexieNicoleXOXO

@LexieNicoleXOXO What do you do when: A. The @ATT @DIRECTV employee quotes you wrong prices (I have that word for word phone call if…

21.01.2020 04:42:52
Twitter LexieNicoleXOXO

@LexieNicoleXOXO @ATT @DIRECTV you want to hear a crazy story? I spent an hour on the phone with an associate of yours to bundle my…

21.01.2020 04:30:45
Twitter BeardsClass

@BeardsClass @RedneckDon3 @dish @DIRECTV I bought a Roku years ago and haven’t looked back since.... plus WAY cheaper

21.01.2020 04:21:05
Twitter notthefakeraw

@notthefakeraw @ChrisMarlowe @nuggets I am thankful to have @DIRECTV so I get to watch - great call with @katywinge tonight Chris!

21.01.2020 04:15:45
Twitter HiramPoole6

@HiramPoole6 @BKRoberts @MboroPoliceDept @MTSU @MurphyCenter What about High Bills extremely too high #WeThePeople #AllRaces…

21.01.2020 04:03:50
Twitter CallisJen5

@CallisJen5 @DIRECTV @Natachakaram_ @FOXTV Loved her as Jaz on @NBCTheBrave . Looks like she is gonna kick butt on @911LoneStar

21.01.2020 04:02:52
Twitter AndrewHallFF

@AndrewHallFF @NFLFantasy_More @CSpire @DIRECTV It's Friends. Could it *be* any more obvious? 😉

21.01.2020 04:00:11
Twitter hikinggirls2

@hikinggirls2 RT @Freedom4Horses: GET “Trapping Time TV” OFF THE AIR - Sign the Petition! @dish @DIRECTV --> #MondayMotivaton #pet…

21.01.2020 03:47:46
Twitter KimbrelAnder

@KimbrelAnder RT @brooklynfritzy: Join us Tuesday @dpshow with @ReggieMillerTNT and Jim Nantz @CBSSports @NFLonCBS @NFL @NBAonTNT @NBA @AudienceNetwork @…

21.01.2020 03:34:49
Twitter tell_emceez

@tell_emceez Why we hate @comcast @Xfinity ‼‼ Bye Bye ✂️ @DIRECTV Whats good?

21.01.2020 03:27:03
Twitter RobertRickly

@RobertRickly @alexsalvinews @OANN @DIRECTV dropped the ball and made "Tipping Point" two hours long and omitted "After Hours" from the program guide.

21.01.2020 03:26:23
Twitter Shoeshinegirl57

@Shoeshinegirl57 in getting Donald Trump and his his CRIMINAL regime out of office. Democrats need EVERYONE to commit to VOTE this y…

21.01.2020 03:16:29
Twitter ScottDBMe

@ScottDBMe Absolutely floored by @ATT & @DIRECTV and their handling of my business account. Ever ask yourself why these compa…

21.01.2020 03:15:52
Twitter liam75778632

@liam75778632 @ATTHelp @DIRECTV FIX MY PACKAGE

21.01.2020 03:12:39
Twitter Halle2017

@Halle2017 RT @michaeljohns: Why is @ATT, which owns @DIRECTV, caving to Venezuelan tyrant Nicolás Maduro (who is an illegitimate head of state)? #Ve…

21.01.2020 03:03:53
Twitter blueshamrock84

@blueshamrock84 RT @Freedom4Horses: GET “Trapping Time TV” OFF THE AIR - Sign the Petition! @dish @DIRECTV --> #MondayMotivaton #pet…

21.01.2020 03:03:33
Twitter markcairns171

@markcairns171 @MicSzopinskiJr @NFLFantasy_More @CSpire @DIRECTV Well it does says friends bing a thon on the bottom right of screen so ,

21.01.2020 02:58:41
Twitter DJackson26

@DJackson26 @dpshow @ReggieMillerTNT @CBSSports @NFLonCBS @NFL @NBAonTNT @NBA @AudienceNetwork @DIRECTV @brlive @FoxSportsRadio…

21.01.2020 02:53:53
Twitter MicSzopinskiJr

@MicSzopinskiJr @NFLFantasy_More @CSpire @DIRECTV What do I win??? Haha

21.01.2020 02:50:18
Twitter NFLFantasy_More

@NFLFantasy_More @MicSzopinskiJr @CSpire @DIRECTV Ya evidently it’s in the screen.

21.01.2020 02:48:34
Twitter MicSzopinskiJr

@MicSzopinskiJr @NFLFantasy_More @CSpire @DIRECTV Friends?

21.01.2020 02:47:50
Twitter NFLFantasy_More

@NFLFantasy_More Hey @CSpire is this how I’m supposed to watch tv? Cause it’s been happening for months and I’ve called about 20 ti…

21.01.2020 02:42:50
Twitter drloukramer

@drloukramer @BryanRaach @DIRECTV Switch to @YouTubeTV & save yourself over $100 a month. Just did. Sooo happy.

21.01.2020 02:37:38