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Live reports

Twitter stage_ken

@stage_ken RT @PhanReveluv: It's sad :(

21.01.2020 06:10:12
Twitter solozhangrise

@solozhangrise :( i will remember every single detail !

21.01.2020 06:10:11
Twitter m1krokosmoss

@m1krokosmoss RT @cultgoo: armys: I'm sad :( koo:

21.01.2020 06:10:11
Twitter lovekosisijon

@lovekosisijon RT @icekeundi: sadly we don’t have much award shows here in the ph :((( #SB19atPUPMNL #SB19 | @SB19Official

21.01.2020 06:10:11
Twitter Destroyer_Ind

@Destroyer_Ind @BKD__555_ @PyasiGirl @Twitter Congratulations Brothers Jai Hind Jai Bharat 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

21.01.2020 06:10:11
Twitter luvrsjeonq

@luvrsjeonq 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝟐𝟎/𝟑𝟔𝟔 ★ -he’s so baby :((

21.01.2020 06:10:10
Twitter seojji

@seojji RT @minievIog: oh how you’ve grown :(

21.01.2020 06:10:10
Twitter taeyongloveten

@taeyongloveten RT @PhanReveluv: It's sad :(

21.01.2020 06:10:09
Twitter mabelseo

@mabelseo RT @Pikuchen: Me: :( *This video* Me: :)

21.01.2020 06:10:08
Twitter supreme_crunch

@supreme_crunch RT @___Vector9: #dankmeme #memes2020 Everyone:- our maths teacher has AIDS! The girl who got A+ in maths :-(

21.01.2020 06:10:07
Twitter jiminieechimie

@jiminieechimie RT @bugsjikook: PLEASE WE ARE 104 MILLION IN THE PHILIPPINES AND WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN A TOUR DATE SINCE 2017! I am lucky I am capable of flyi…

21.01.2020 06:10:07
Twitter shesxmarlenee

@shesxmarlenee RT @briana_alondraa: LV bracelet is so cute , i want :(

21.01.2020 06:10:07
Twitter nightstarjoon

@nightstarjoon This is making me cry :(((

21.01.2020 06:10:06
Twitter imseyebrowring

@imseyebrowring RT @mxmysenpai: Why do we have to be apart :(

21.01.2020 06:10:06
Twitter FaizaJilani2

@FaizaJilani2 RT @Pikuchen: Me: :( *This video* Me: :)

21.01.2020 06:10:06
Twitter MondragonAliky

@MondragonAliky RT @wonhosANG: baby jooheon is so cute i want to live in his dimples :(

21.01.2020 06:10:05
Twitter lovingasahi

@lovingasahi RT @Yannabeul: it’s sad :(

21.01.2020 06:10:05
Twitter tittieholder

@tittieholder RT @enbyibo: how dare poor people pay for their vital necessities like rent and bills? :( just save for bts and starve ig

21.01.2020 06:10:04
Twitter GroberRocky

@GroberRocky RT @GETDWeb: DWeb Meetup SF is going to be wild! Tmrw 1/21 at @InternetArchive the focus is #Decentralized Social Media & @matrixdotorg @ri…

21.01.2020 06:10:03

@BIBIHIT RT @moonyojo: sope au where yoongi is bad at sexting and drives hoseok insane but actually they’re both losers and also in love :( #sope #…

21.01.2020 06:10:02
Twitter icekeundi

@icekeundi sadly we don’t have much award shows here in the ph :((( #SB19atPUPMNL #SB19 | @SB19Official

21.01.2020 06:10:02
Twitter gcfsivan

@gcfsivan RT @lilminies: the way jinmin are always so playful and cute to each other :( they're just so precious please #입술쁘띠즈_컬렉션…

21.01.2020 06:10:00
Twitter seokjinzo

@seokjinzo RT @minievIog: oh how you’ve grown :(

21.01.2020 06:09:59
Twitter bancnamilk

@bancnamilk ah all this bts concert convo is making me super anxious i’m- :( i got SO lucky last year because none of my device…

21.01.2020 06:09:59
Twitter callmeburt20

@callmeburt20 I’m pretty sure @GovernorVA has THE most ratio’d tweets if any account on this app 👀👀 can I get a fact check @Twitter

21.01.2020 06:09:59
Twitter vuixen

@vuixen Nessa sketch!! Sorry for shitty colors :( #PokemonSwordShield #Pokemon #PokemonSwordandShield

21.01.2020 06:09:58
Twitter Chun_Leigh

@Chun_Leigh RT @LM__Support: 🚨 This is awesome! The super creative #SimpleXLittleMix campaign #ChooseKindness was voted by @Twitter as the Best Brand P…

21.01.2020 06:09:57
Twitter sergio_pernas

@sergio_pernas RT @AuschwitzMuseum: We once again wish to ask all of you for your support. Please, help @Auschwitzmuseum reach 1 million followers for #Au…

21.01.2020 06:05:10
Twitter AnitaOT7

@AnitaOT7 RT @bffnamjin: you know what i think about a lot. sweet-toothed joonie being excited about his cotton candy bunny but then. giving seokjin…

21.01.2020 06:05:10
Twitter bngtnlover7

@bngtnlover7 im having a bad day :( but this makes me feel better i love ma lyf

21.01.2020 06:05:10