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Facebook is now the world's largest social network with over 1.44 billion users (status in 2015). In addition, Facebook is the 5th most frequently visited website worldwide. In Germany alone, with around 26 million registered users, almost one third of all Germans are on Facebook.

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Twitter lrossnola

@lrossnola @theintercept @Facebook @fbnewsroom what is wrong with you?!

21.01.2020 06:08:40
Twitter KishanR96315580

@KishanR96315580 #MarkZuckerberg and #PriscillaChan got 7X return on their investment in this Indian startup…

21.01.2020 06:08:06
Twitter hunnybeediaries

@hunnybeediaries @Facebook @facebookapp I have been locked out of my account 17 times for calling out racists and pedophiles and not…

21.01.2020 06:07:21
Twitter KNReddy_WB_FDA

@KNReddy_WB_FDA RT @KNReddy_WB_FDA: @RachakondaCop @USAmbIndia @POTUS @narendramodi @PMOIndia @IvankaTrump @StateDept @USCGHyderabad @BarackObama @WhiteHou…

21.01.2020 06:07:18
Twitter zahrahb

@zahrahb RT @TheAltWorld: . @Twitter has been on a narrative-control rampage, removing or censoring legitimate accounts that are critical of US-led…

21.01.2020 06:06:55
Twitter ahmfreimann

@ahmfreimann RT @naavin8: #Malaysia Facebook @Facebook cencors my political speech about racism, bumiputra policy and #mahathirout…

21.01.2020 06:06:17
Twitter IMPraveenDalal

@IMPraveenDalal RT @_PTLB: Hi @Facebook. It is your legal and moral responsibility when your platform is used to commit crimes and frauds. Many people in I…

21.01.2020 06:05:40
Twitter OzrenV

@OzrenV RT @RadicalStreets: Facebook is hosting a fundraiser for the Jewish Defense League, a violent hate group. @facebook needs to remove this fu…

21.01.2020 06:05:17
Twitter Vasilisa995

@Vasilisa995 RT @RomireTV: Well...looks like @CocaCola has some issues with @Facebook to sort out for this forgery scam!

21.01.2020 06:05:08
Twitter hunnybeediaries

@hunnybeediaries @Facebook @facebookapp How about you create a website that doesnt safe Harbor racists and pedophiles and block the…

21.01.2020 06:04:40
Twitter chaluisaaa

@chaluisaaa @Facebook kindly check your DM. Thank you

21.01.2020 06:04:06
Twitter frankie61406891

@frankie61406891 Looking great ⁦@Facebook⁩ ⁦@SkyNews⁩

21.01.2020 06:03:26
Twitter hunnybeediaries

@hunnybeediaries @Facebook at it again defending racists and locking my account for saying that skin color doesnt justify a young ma…

21.01.2020 06:02:21
Twitter JoeJohnSr

@JoeJohnSr RT @mrtipton33: #BadBoysForLife #SlowAndFrustrated #Banned @Facebook Jail

21.01.2020 06:00:50
Twitter Jerubbaal2

@Jerubbaal2 If Dr. King Was Alive Today, His @Facebook Page Would Be Deleted, And He'd Be Censored

21.01.2020 06:00:47
Twitter PwCSriLanka

@PwCSriLanka How do we address #mentalhealth in the workplace and beyond? @PwC's @Bob_Moritz and @Facebook's @sherylsandberg to…

21.01.2020 06:00:27
Twitter t82eagle

@t82eagle Late night trip to Walmart to get stuff for sick kiddos. :( via Facebook

21.01.2020 05:59:59
Twitter qslzpidbenams

@qslzpidbenams @POTUS @WhiteHouse @EUCouncil @SecPompeo @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @tedcruz @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer…

21.01.2020 05:59:54
Twitter TrumpWatchNews

@TrumpWatchNews RT @slpng_giants: Advertising with @google and @facebook isn’t just rife with fraud, losing advertisers billions, it ends up funding extrem…

21.01.2020 05:59:53
Twitter qslzpidbenams

@qslzpidbenams @POTUS @WhiteHouse @EUCouncil @SecPompeo @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @tedcruz @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer…

21.01.2020 05:59:46
Twitter CindyBiSV

@CindyBiSV One friend IRL took this reservation after seeing my post on @Facebook. It’s really good price for what they offer…

21.01.2020 05:58:29
Twitter DanielPaulus21

@DanielPaulus21 RT @mrtipton33: #FreeTheTip I appealed @Facebook’s decision to ban me. Their ban was upheld. I think I need to start a Facebook Users Unio…

21.01.2020 05:55:52
Twitter tahnoa_caleta

@tahnoa_caleta RT @noUpside: @Facebook Other public health figures are considering preemptively using that spreadsheet to block. Doctors are organizing ha…

21.01.2020 05:54:57
Twitter qslzpidbenams

@qslzpidbenams @POTUS @WhiteHouse @EUCouncil @SecPompeo @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @tedcruz @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer…

21.01.2020 05:53:40
Twitter qslzpidbenams

@qslzpidbenams @POTUS @WhiteHouse @EUCouncil @SecPompeo @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @tedcruz @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer…

21.01.2020 05:53:32
Twitter Strickland6133

@Strickland6133 @Facebook @Georgetown And he allows Trump to lie and lie that's free crap

21.01.2020 05:53:29
Twitter qslzpidbenams

@qslzpidbenams @POTUS @WhiteHouse @EUCouncil @SecPompeo @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @tedcruz @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer…

21.01.2020 05:53:13
Twitter _ValerieJade_

@_ValerieJade_ RT @AnissaNow: Our opinion piece on Iran was taken down from @Facebook first on @IntheNow_tweet then on Soapbox. Apparently speaking your m…

21.01.2020 05:52:55
Twitter Strickland6133

@Strickland6133 @GUPolitics @Facebook Zuckerberg is full of shi_

21.01.2020 05:52:40
Twitter hvass1978

@hvass1978 @rayhigdon @Facebook @FeedingAmerica Awesome 🙌🤩😍

21.01.2020 05:52:39