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Facebook is now the world's largest social network with over 1.44 billion users (status in 2015). In addition, Facebook is the 5th most frequently visited website worldwide. In Germany alone, with around 26 million registered users, almost one third of all Germans are on Facebook.

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Twitter ReneePwash

@ReneePwash @tmason18 @Facebook @NFLPABALTIMORE @NFLPA @NFLPAFmrPlayers @IAmBallHawk @NFLTE82 @TMLTKF Love this!! Definitely gonna check it out!🙌🏾🙌🏾

11.07.2020 03:34:41
Twitter TomVellenga

@TomVellenga RT @SenatorBennet: Today, @SenKamalaHarris and I called on @Facebook to heed the call of civil rights groups across the country demanding r…

11.07.2020 03:34:40
Twitter thetaleah

@thetaleah @Facebook you a whack ass website and I hope you fail!‼️

11.07.2020 03:34:36
Twitter GetBentBot1

@GetBentBot1 RT @MrShadowBanned: Have I mentioned how much I dislike @Facebook today? Well just encase I forgot, get bent #Facebook. ... #DeleteFaceboo…

11.07.2020 03:34:22
Twitter ReneePwash

@ReneePwash RT @tmason18: Yessir!!!! We are #live on @gamebeyondthegame. Go over to @facebook and check it out live!!!!! #gamebeyondthegame #TavonMas…

11.07.2020 03:34:17
Twitter MrShadowBanned

@MrShadowBanned Have I mentioned how much I dislike @Facebook today? Well just encase I forgot, get bent #Facebook. ...…

11.07.2020 03:34:16
Twitter fitoprz

@fitoprz @mati_mla @feedly @Facebook I have the same problem (on Android)

11.07.2020 03:32:49
Twitter Ntwizzle

@Ntwizzle @latimes Just do it @Facebook. It’s a no brainer, stop the drama.

11.07.2020 03:31:57
Twitter MBRMark

@MBRMark RT @AgBioWorld: One such follower who was banned from @Facebook for posting a scientific paper but just because it had the word ‘kill’ in i…

11.07.2020 03:31:10
Twitter AgBioWorld

@AgBioWorld @Locker205 @Facebook It just says that it didn’t meet their community standards. I can understand Facebook cracking…

11.07.2020 03:30:27
Twitter Erst_Officer

@Erst_Officer @AgBioWorld @Facebook Thou must use thy middle english, "slay".

11.07.2020 03:30:16
Twitter burttrain

@burttrain 7 Days to Die come and watch me with my boy @PeaJayTheGr8 at my new home of Facebook Gaming. @7DaystoDie @pcgamer…

11.07.2020 03:30:15
Twitter MI_LA75

@MI_LA75 @Facebook doesn’t think this was hate speech but if we could see all the other things they remove for being what th…

11.07.2020 03:29:46
Twitter CaptKaos

@CaptKaos @EmmaKinery Hey @Facebook FUCK YOU

11.07.2020 03:29:20
Twitter GARNICA_78

@GARNICA_78 Well @Facebook owned @instagram forced to apologise to @bellahadid for censoring her #Palestinian roots photo.…

11.07.2020 03:29:06
Twitter aid_cooley

@aid_cooley Hey, @Facebook if you could stop fucking up on your SDK, that’s be great. I do enjoy using more than the stock apps on my phone

11.07.2020 03:28:31
Twitter JamesHa49109892

@JamesHa49109892 @ElliotVanOrman @Facebook @WalkingDead_AMC @AMCTalkingDead @FearTWD @TWDWorldBeyond @wwwbigbaldhead…

11.07.2020 03:28:10
Twitter 8six

@8six @AJIunit @AlJazeera @Facebook What a schmuck al-jahiliah

11.07.2020 03:27:32
Twitter Angie37035286

@Angie37035286 RT @cnsprcyfactkaty: Hey @Facebook Try convincing some other sheep. I ain’t buying it #Wayfair #wayfairchildtrafficking…

11.07.2020 03:27:06
Twitter Locker205

@Locker205 @AgBioWorld @Facebook Did they say specifically what standard was violated?

11.07.2020 03:26:50
Twitter minchinswitchy

@minchinswitchy RT @NealPortenza: Arguing with some crystal-loving, anti-vax hippy because the gormless, hypocritical cunts at @Facebook have slapped a dis…

11.07.2020 03:26:43
Twitter Rose_Ranger45

@Rose_Ranger45 RT @AussiePatriotQ: WTF @Facebook @FacebookWatch #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #PedoBook #QAnon #AussieQ #SaveTheChildren Advertising pedophilia on…

11.07.2020 03:26:31
Twitter _a_muse

@_a_muse RT @AgBioWorld: @Facebook algorithm stupidly warned me for posting this because it apparently didn’t meet their “Community Standards”! My f…

11.07.2020 03:25:33
Twitter SputnikInt

@SputnikInt Facebook mulls banning political ads prior to US election - report @Facebook

11.07.2020 03:25:00
Twitter jsanchezuf

@jsanchezuf @UN @Facebook Allegedly Zuckerberg had a private dinner with Trump and others where they made some sort of an allia…

11.07.2020 03:23:20

@LUVDALS @the_hme @Facebook Thanks!

11.07.2020 03:23:15
Twitter saip106

@saip106 RT @joshbuchea: Email from a @facebook recruiter + my response:

11.07.2020 03:23:13
Twitter RedWhiteAnd_Q

@RedWhiteAnd_Q RT @AussiePatriotQ: WTF @Facebook @FacebookWatch #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #PedoBook #QAnon #AussieQ #SaveTheChildren Advertising pedophilia on…

11.07.2020 03:19:53
Twitter elisem2

@elisem2 Millions of voters saw Trump's misleading #Facebook ads about voting by mail. I don't trust @Facebook to fix this;…

11.07.2020 03:18:51
Twitter allegro572

@allegro572 RT @funder: .@Facebook-Do it. Right now. Thanks. #FacebookPoliticalAdBan

11.07.2020 03:18:31