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Video Streaming 59%
Login 14%
Website 14%
Blackout 14%

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Sling TV is a US niche internet television service that's owned by the Sling TV LLC subsidiary of the Dish Network. Started in 2015 the service tries to complement subscription video on demand services for cord cutters, offering a large selection of major cable channels that instead, can be streamed through smart TVs, digital media players and apps for a fraction of the cost. The service has approximately 764,000 subscribers in the US.

Live reports

Twitter qireau

@qireau @NeiliusPR1ME @TeamYouTube @IowaMikeJake oops @sling dropped the price to 20/mo cuz of the pandemic‼️ theres a hum…

11.07.2020 04:25:08
Twitter qireau

@qireau @TeamYouTube @Senpai66 @Sling did you notice that price markdown from $30? they actually LOWERED their price to hel…

11.07.2020 04:16:09
Twitter qireau

@qireau @TeamYouTube @Senpai66 no youre not. your competitors are charging $20/mo. wtf? thats not competition. its greed! &…

11.07.2020 04:14:52
Twitter josielrider

@josielrider @Sling We cut the cord years ago and went with Sling! I'm a huge fan. One of the best decisions we made! It saves us sooo much money!!

11.07.2020 04:13:21
Twitter qireau

@qireau @BillyBo02936025 @DocKJordan @FlamaBlanca216 @slinganswers @YouTubeTV @Sling only $20/mo

11.07.2020 04:10:31
Twitter FrankAKadar

@FrankAKadar I just canceled #YouTubeTV Get $15 off @Sling when you sign up with my link! Stream the best live TV for less.…

11.07.2020 04:10:22
Twitter qireau

@qireau @slinganswers @DocKJordan $20/month‼️ thanks @sling‼️bye you tube. $20/month at @sling everyone‼️

11.07.2020 04:09:16
Twitter qireau

@qireau @rashelton @YouTubeTV same here. @sling it is.

11.07.2020 04:06:29
Twitter melrodriguez90

@melrodriguez90 Jesus Christ @Sling is literally the worst...i need to figure out how else to watch @RuPaulsDragRace

11.07.2020 02:14:33
Twitter cnutt06

@cnutt06 @Sling Humans are animals 🙄 Homo Sapiens are mammals. 🤫

11.07.2020 01:48:10
Twitter ChaelBorden

@ChaelBorden @Sling cute ad with all the cute animals, but YES... humans are animals also.

11.07.2020 01:47:45
Twitter iamcheemaa

@iamcheemaa Get $15 off @Sling when you sign up with my link! Stream the best live TV for less.

11.07.2020 01:46:49
Twitter onlysunnie

@onlysunnie @Sling when will y’all be adding OWN and TVOne 🙄

11.07.2020 00:31:42
Twitter dwayne_venzen

@dwayne_venzen RT @Sling: Not all heroes wear capes. Kids helping their parents save $ brings a tear to our eye. 😇

11.07.2020 00:07:31
Twitter kushaanshah

@kushaanshah Don't do this to me, @Sling 😭

11.07.2020 00:00:23
Twitter jmckee

@jmckee @hulu_support I'm sick and tired of my money going to the racist trash at Fox News with Tucker Carlson. @sling @att…

10.07.2020 23:49:18
Twitter sandi_benton

@sandi_benton @ROBenton @DIRECTV @CoxComm @fuboTV @Sling UM WOW OK I guess I’ll be directly sending you my portfolio while you’re…

10.07.2020 23:33:06
Twitter ishane1369

@ishane1369 @DonnieWahlberg Been a fan of @BlueBloods_CBS from DAY 1.. it’s Friday so what better way to spend the evening than…

10.07.2020 23:31:36
Twitter prakashanand01

@prakashanand01 @slinganswers @Sling So basically you guys are for extracting ‘too much’ money and not for helping . You are not re…

10.07.2020 23:18:52
Twitter Andrewlopezj85

@Andrewlopezj85 @Sling Get NFL network and Redzone back and we have a deal.

10.07.2020 23:18:07
Twitter BarrerasIii

@BarrerasIii Get $15 off @Sling when you sign up with my link! Stream the best live TV for less.

10.07.2020 23:16:05
Twitter SethLawSongs

@SethLawSongs @FOXSportsBraves @Braves @Kelly_Crull @PaulByrd36 @JeromeOnSports @JeffFrancoeur The majority of @Braves fans will…

10.07.2020 23:02:33
Twitter MarkMar21863923

@MarkMar21863923 @slinganswers @Sling @nflnetwork Enough with the generic copy paste answer. Do you have any real updates? Getting tired of y’all

10.07.2020 22:56:20
Twitter Ally84010994

@Ally84010994 RT @Sling: Need a break from the heat? Celebrate Christmas in July with @hallmarkchannel movies that are sure to brighten your spirits! htt…

10.07.2020 22:42:08
Twitter busyshark92

@busyshark92 Hey @Sling @TheBeatWithAri, @MSNBC channel has been down for the past 30 minutes or so. Other channels play just fi…

10.07.2020 22:36:06
Twitter TiaJone46870221

@TiaJone46870221 RT @MaverickMovies: 📣New Platform! 'Maverick Black Cinema' is live on @Sling! Watch #MaverickMovies on-demand with #Sling on all connected…

10.07.2020 22:18:53
Twitter TiaJone46870221

@TiaJone46870221 RT @MaverickMovies: Now Streaming on @Sling! #MurderGardens, #BlackDiamond, #LoveAndDrugs and 💯's more Watch Free:…

10.07.2020 22:18:48
Twitter prakashanand01

@prakashanand01 @Sling I have moved out of USA , but my account with sling is still active and taking money from my bank account as…

10.07.2020 22:07:11
Twitter aia_raz

@aia_raz Get $15 off @Sling when you sign up with my link! Stream the best live TV for less.

10.07.2020 22:00:07
Twitter JremyJames

@JremyJames @WRESTLEZONEcom I realize @nflnetwork is no longer on @Sling

10.07.2020 21:46:39