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Video Streaming 58%
Login 18%
Website 13%
Blackout 11%

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About sling

Sling TV is a US niche internet television service that's owned by the Sling TV LLC subsidiary of the Dish Network. Started in 2015 the service tries to complement subscription video on demand services for cord cutters, offering a large selection of major cable channels that instead, can be streamed through smart TVs, digital media players and apps for a fraction of the cost. The service has approximately 764,000 subscribers in the US.

Live reports

Twitter HokiePolkie

@HokiePolkie @Sling last two minutes of my game....the ONLY reason I pay for this subscription

24.10.2020 22:44:17
Twitter asimancas305

@asimancas305 I decided to get @Sling Just because of @CanesFootball and @accnetwork

24.10.2020 22:35:01
Twitter AlexClaywell03

@AlexClaywell03 @bigbrot24388436 @hulu Go elsewhere, @Sling Tv is just as bad

24.10.2020 22:24:27
Twitter mortgage4vets

@mortgage4vets @Sling why can’t I watch @FoxNews ?? @dicken15 is this censorship?? I can’t click on it. All the other stations I c…

24.10.2020 22:23:31
Twitter AlexClaywell03

@AlexClaywell03 @Sling I live in Charlotte NC and haven’t been able to watch the UofL/FSU or the VT/Wake Forest game even though ch…

24.10.2020 22:22:59
Twitter Grayman1410

@Grayman1410 If you cancel @Sling, make sure that they don’t continue to steal money from your account. I cancelled my subscript…

24.10.2020 22:19:48
Twitter Kowalski_co

@Kowalski_co @Sling if i cancel my 7 day free trial it means i don’t have money. how dare you take away my viewing privileges in…

24.10.2020 22:02:37
Twitter stuartcollis

@stuartcollis Get $15 off @Sling today when you sign up with my link! Stream the best live TV for less.

24.10.2020 22:01:49
Twitter AlainersBoard

@AlainersBoard RT @Sling: Sing it from the rooftops! Watch @Lauren_Alaina , @littlebigtown & @RitaWilson on SLING FREE tonight on @opry Live at 8 PM ET. h…

24.10.2020 21:42:39
Twitter Grayman1410

@Grayman1410 @Sling @slinganswers How do I get charged for another month of service after I chose to cancel? Just saw my checki…

24.10.2020 21:24:31
Twitter Daf63Faulkner

@Daf63Faulkner @Sling your service sucks....

24.10.2020 20:56:32
Twitter edu_flores89

@edu_flores89 @Sling people if you trying to get sling tv Don’t do it, they stole your money I cancel my service during the free…

24.10.2020 20:50:59
Twitter MoniseLSeward

@MoniseLSeward @GoSunDevils @Sling Just that one. Lol ND is the only team I watch unless I want background noise.🤣🤣

24.10.2020 20:32:45
Twitter GoSunDevils

@GoSunDevils @MoniseLSeward @Sling Are you trying to watch one of those teams or just college 🏈 in general? Who’s your team?

24.10.2020 20:32:12
Twitter CoronaFacts2020

@CoronaFacts2020 @Sling I’m watching @BigTenNetwork and im missing half the game because commercials are playing during the game action. #Purdue

24.10.2020 20:30:20
Twitter MoniseLSeward

@MoniseLSeward @GoSunDevils @Sling I get those on FB. I'm really disgusted. Only thing I look forward to on weekends.

24.10.2020 20:30:10
Twitter GoSunDevils

@GoSunDevils @MoniseLSeward @Sling I could tweet out score updates....

24.10.2020 20:28:49
Twitter GoSunDevils

@GoSunDevils @MoniseLSeward @Sling Oh then I won’t tell you that it’s currently on my TV 📺.

24.10.2020 20:26:30
Twitter MoniseLSeward

@MoniseLSeward @GoSunDevils @Sling ND vs Pitt

24.10.2020 20:25:37
Twitter GoSunDevils

@GoSunDevils @MoniseLSeward @Sling Who you trying to watch?

24.10.2020 20:25:23
Twitter MoniseLSeward

@MoniseLSeward @GoSunDevils @Sling Not even sure it's airing with them.

24.10.2020 20:24:55
Twitter GoSunDevils

@GoSunDevils @MoniseLSeward I use @Sling for all my sports needs.

24.10.2020 20:23:02
Twitter Apocalypto_Dr

@Apocalypto_Dr @slinganswers The problem is not unique to me, so no. Your interface is the worst, and the DVR is stupid: Youtube T…

24.10.2020 20:19:22
Twitter kmoody1966

@kmoody1966 F @realDonaldTrump @MSNBC That's a waste of my @Sling subscription fees...

24.10.2020 20:19:20
Twitter dwayne_venzen

@dwayne_venzen RT @Sling: Sing it from the rooftops! Watch @Lauren_Alaina , @littlebigtown & @RitaWilson on SLING FREE tonight on @opry Live at 8 PM ET. h…

24.10.2020 20:10:54
Twitter RMeierkort

@RMeierkort @Sling want to thank you guys for the first time ever for the 3hr time slot that’s never long enough to finish an a…

24.10.2020 19:02:30
Twitter Garylovescoffee

@Garylovescoffee @Sling why are commercials continuing over SEC Network coverage? We're missing plays of the game!

24.10.2020 18:44:11
Twitter Noles_Jags

@Noles_Jags @gnice3621 @karl_diesel @Sling For sure, I meant if he does well we need to be chill about it because it would be vs back-ups.

24.10.2020 18:40:46
Twitter mom2ceos

@mom2ceos @Sling What does see unavailable content mean? We can watch ESPN3 on the computer but not on the app on our SmartTv. Help?

24.10.2020 18:40:23
Twitter grancartavio

@grancartavio @MJBG87 @SatanicLiving @ATLUTD @Sling @YouTube @hulu @fuboTV HuluLive stopped carrying FSS and FSSE effective Thurs…

24.10.2020 18:36:21