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Hola 7 months ago
Unable to connect to servers

Kitty 11 months ago
Kicked in the middle of the game during multiplayer. Said server was disconnected.

Geoffroy Schmitt 1 year ago
Server disconnected

czher simisim 2 years ago
Disconnects in the middle game (Wellington, 6035)

n 2 years ago
intermittent disconnecting with two players


About It Takes Two

"It Takes Two" is a unique co-op action-adventure video game that requires two players to work together to progress. While the game offers a compelling story and innovative gameplay mechanics, players might sometimes face internet or network-related challenges, especially since it requires online co-op for remote play.

Potential Network and Internet-related Issues with "It Takes Two":

1. Co-op Connection Issues: Players might experience difficulties connecting with their co-op partner, especially in remote play sessions.
2. Latency or Lag: Some players may encounter delays or lags during gameplay, which can affect the real-time reactions required in certain game scenarios.
3. Server Outages: On rare occasions, the game's servers might go down, preventing players from starting or continuing online co-op sessions.
4. Matchmaking Delays: There could be longer waiting times to find a partner or connect to a friend.

Troubleshooting Tips for "It Takes Two" Players:

1. Check Internet Connection: Ensure a stable and high-speed internet connection, as the game requires seamless communication between players.
2. Update the Game: Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed, as updates often fix known bugs and improve performance.
3. Use Wired Connection: If possible, use a wired Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi for a more stable gaming experience.
4. Check Game's Official Channels: Look for announcements or updates related to server maintenance or known issues.
5. Reconnect or Restart: If facing connectivity issues, try reconnecting or restarting the game.

Despite these potential challenges, "It Takes Two" offers a unique and memorable gaming experience. Being aware of potential internet and network issues and using the provided troubleshooting tips can help ensure a smoother gameplay experience.

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