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About Netflix

Netflix is a popular media services operator providing subscription-based video streaming. The service offers online streaming of a wide range of movies, television shows, and in-house programs. Netflix is also heavily into the production business, churning out a good number of its own original shows. What started as a DVD rental and sales operation in the late 90s turned into a video streaming giant in the year 2010. With the rapid expansion of its services not just in the U.S. but globally, Netflix is today one of the most-watched online streaming channels.

In January of 2019, Netflix became the first streaming service to be granted entry into the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The company’s most recent acquisitions include StoryBots children’s media and a deal with Dark Horse Entertainment to produce movies and television shows based on the popular Dark Horse Comics.

Regional availability

As of 2019, Netflix has a paid subscriber base of 148 million spanning across a whopping 190 countries worldwide. Its American subscriber base alone amounts to over 60 million users. Due to local restrictions and U.S. sanctions, the service is not available in China, North Korea, Iran, Crimea, and Syria.

The content streamed on Netflix does vary based on region and time zone, depending on individual policies of movies and TV shows.

Netflix has also partnered with airlines to provide passengers with its mobile streaming service in the air.

Errors/network problems

Netflix hosts a full-fledged Help Center on its site where most common problems are listed along with troubleshooting steps. Visit the Help Center for a solution to almost any issue you may face.

On the whole, Netflix services are found to be very reliable most of the time. With rare instances of outages and programs going down, the service is well-liked by a majority of its subscribers. Some issues we did come across are in terms of programs not being available, the latest seasons of cable TV shows not being aired, and the location-based restrictions on some movies and shows.

Troubleshoot yourself

The most common question asked to the Netflix support center is why the service isn’t working. This could happen due to various reasons. Check your internet connection to see if it is stable and available, check your device for any power-related issue, and check if your Netflix subscription is still valid.

If you find an error code or message on the device screen, search for the code on the Netflix website to understand what the problem could be. The site allows you to also identify ways to fix the known error codes.

For account-related issues such as the wrong language displaying on screen, missing shows or movies of a particular language, or subtitles not being available, check your account settings. The settings section gives you various adjustable preferences that could rectify most of these issues.

Finally, the Netflix support system is always on hand to assist you with your issues or inform you of outages, if any. Reach them via telephone at 866-716-0414. You can also get on a live chat from their help portal or simply tweet to them @netflix.

Live reports

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@bluebottle72 Getting pleasantly smashed and watching Ken Burns' "Prohibition" on @Netflix

21.01.2020 06:10:11
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@Stevenray_24 @netflix drake and Josh

21.01.2020 06:10:08
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@NarcSanchez @JJWatt @netflix Holy shit you’re soft

21.01.2020 06:10:01
Twitter el_tragon_de_LA

@el_tragon_de_LA Watched “Coach Carter” on @netflix and just realized @SamuelLJackson did not drop a single “Motherfucker.”

21.01.2020 06:09:48
Twitter ethanfreeneasy

@ethanfreeneasy @yashar @netflix it’s funny but gets old quick

21.01.2020 06:09:47
Twitter honeybabies1

@honeybabies1 @netflix worst person and most annoying on the show lol

21.01.2020 06:09:47
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@NetseyP RT @Justin_Willman: Magic for Humans got picked up for a SEASON 3!!! So cool hearing @jimmyfallon announce the news last night. Thank you a…

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@kunle_65 RT @netflix: Every woman has a breaking point. Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace premieres January 17

21.01.2020 06:09:28
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@TailoredDream RT @netflix: Seaburn's girlfriend reveals what if felt like to watch him catfish guys using her photos

21.01.2020 06:09:20
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@TommyWillcutt @BeauTFC @Bellaj0713 @carpepax @netflix Im in.

21.01.2020 06:09:02
Twitter aileenfierros

@aileenfierros RT @netflix: Seaburn's girlfriend reveals what if felt like to watch him catfish guys using her photos

21.01.2020 06:08:59
Twitter BrittJo84823355

@BrittJo84823355 @candacecbure @fullerhouse @netflix Loved seeing you getting slimed CCB.

21.01.2020 06:08:35
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@scarf1974 RT @Lesdoggg: Had to post y’all! This was the cut!! @tevincampbelll thank you for letting me use your song!! Watch “Time Machine” on @netf…

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@OhSheida @j_hat @netflix @sabrinanetflix surprisingly enjoyed the Two Papas tho

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@JadenHefner_ RT @tylerperry: Please don’t tell folks or post the plot twists! #AFallFromGrace @netflix

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Twitter BrittJo84823355

@BrittJo84823355 @candacecbure @fullerhouse @netflix Loved seeing you in Overalls CCB.

21.01.2020 06:08:18
Twitter benguwithb

@benguwithb RT @netflix: Eric’s reaction to realizing someone has a full-fledged crush on him is honestly too pure

21.01.2020 06:08:16
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@BrittJo84823355 @candacecbure @fullerhouse @netflix Nice outfit Ladies.

21.01.2020 06:08:01
Twitter uxborg

@uxborg @netflix has become the new Hollywood. #digital #digitalrevolution #digitaladvocate #tech #entertainment

21.01.2020 06:07:59
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@Menacing_Mars RT @DeePeeArts: Have a lil totoro ❤️ #ghibli #totoro .@netflix #netflixghibli #illustration #art #digitalart

21.01.2020 06:07:58
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@BeauTFC @TommyWillcutt @Bellaj0713 @carpepax @netflix Produce, direct, and co-star.

21.01.2020 06:07:56
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@BlackSitcomDad @slobear @netflix On it

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@adammamawala RT @hybender: .@ToddBarry (@Netflix's "Spicy Honey"), @MiaComedy (@ComedyCentral) & @AdammaMawala (CC, @MTV) help solve some "serious probl…

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