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Website 6%
Blackout 6%

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Hulu is an American subscription service that offers its customers video on demand of television series, both current and past episodes. They are owned officially by Hulu LLC, which is a consortium that includes The Walt Disney Company, offering content through the Disney-ABC Television Group, shows made by 21st Century Fox through the Fox Entertainment Group, and Comcast content sharing offered through NBCUniversal, and media from Time Warner through Turner Broadcasting System.

Live reports

Twitter chloeebearr1

@chloeebearr1 RT @Davidbedabomb: @chuuzus This show right here is what needs to get added on @netflix or @hulu (preferably Netflix so no commercials lol)…

11.07.2020 05:19:51
Twitter save_eyewitness

@save_eyewitness do it for philip @heretv @HereMediaInc @AmazonVideo @netflix @hulu @Showtime @showcasedotca #WeWantEyewitnessSeason2

11.07.2020 05:19:41
Twitter MitchBanks

@MitchBanks @hulu it's so chickenshit that if I change the channel during your commercials, the commercials pause until I come…

11.07.2020 05:19:08
Twitter josephmcb

@josephmcb watch Palm Springs on @hulu @thelonelyisland

11.07.2020 05:18:58
Twitter pastelhickson

@pastelhickson @sleepless_4AM @hulu U.T.O.P.I.A F.A.L.L.S!!!!

11.07.2020 05:17:22
Twitter hallpass

@hallpass Friday night double featured @Shudder’s The Beach House and @hulu’s Palm Springs. Pretty good and real good, respectively.

11.07.2020 05:16:46
Twitter Luke24_

@Luke24_ @claudiforniaaa @hulu It was the first thing I saw when I opened up Hulu.

11.07.2020 05:15:38
Twitter KristenEwing

@KristenEwing #PalmSpringsMovie was just what I needed... It’s light, funny, and only 90 minutes. @AndySamberg is adorable and hi…

11.07.2020 05:15:25
Twitter ChrisThomasson7

@ChrisThomasson7 Wow, I seriously loved #PalmSpringsMovie. The idea might have not been as original as Groundhog Day, but it was per…

11.07.2020 05:14:57
Twitter bananamoritz

@bananamoritz RT @kumailn: This is going to sound like an ad, but it isn’t: I adore #PalmSpringsMovie, out on @Hulu tomorrow. Hilarious, surprising & ver…

11.07.2020 05:14:17
Twitter bissett62

@bissett62 RT @normalpeople: Just look at them. 🥺❤️ Some moments from #NormalPeople's @daisyedgarjones and @mescal_paul’s IG live today! Head to @hulu…

11.07.2020 05:13:39
Twitter KarinaLora13

@KarinaLora13 @SirenTV @hulu She is Beautifull maddy and roob siren again season fourth

11.07.2020 05:13:37
Twitter meri267

@meri267 RT @samriegel: More insight into my awesome wife, and her new film #PalmSpringsMovie which is out on @hulu right now!…

11.07.2020 05:13:32
Twitter Nerdy_Bookworm3

@Nerdy_Bookworm3 RT @clace_heart: #SaveShadowhunters #Shadowhunters We are all a big #ShadowFam so Save Shadowhunters!!! @netflix @hulu @FreeformTV @Constan…

11.07.2020 05:13:31
Twitter meri267

@meri267 RT @WhosBenFeldman: 2 things Im unaffiliated w/ but hope everyone gets to see: #PalmSpringsMovie on @hulu tomorrow (so good) & Trumps tax…

11.07.2020 05:13:01
Twitter angels_daughter

@angels_daughter RT @SirenTV: Spend your weekend in Bristol Cove. Stream season 3 of #Siren now on @hulu.

11.07.2020 05:11:14
Twitter ToxicTex25

@ToxicTex25 Why are the @GhostAdventures episodes all fucked up and numbered wrong on @hulu I googled the episodes because I wa…

11.07.2020 05:11:09
Twitter meri267

@meri267 RT @chrizmillr: I watched #PalmSpringsMovie a 2nd time last night & it is still just as funny, charming, delightful, clever— but now that w…

11.07.2020 05:10:57
Twitter linrioni

@linrioni RT @TheFostersTV: It is your job to give something back. To use your privilege and be a voice for those who are silenced. _________________…

11.07.2020 05:10:39
Twitter aWeekLate

@aWeekLate Watching #TasteTheNation w/ @PadmaLakshmi: S01 E06 - "Where the Kabob Is Hot" on @hulu!…

11.07.2020 05:10:36
Twitter mikeygallagher

@mikeygallagher #PalmSpringsMovie is Amazing!! @hulu Go watch it!

11.07.2020 05:10:27
Twitter megmegalodon

@megmegalodon Watch Palm Springs on @Hulu. That shit was a DELIGHT.

11.07.2020 05:09:21
Twitter rosenbergjp1

@rosenbergjp1 RT @DesignationSix: These are as many companies that advertise on Fox News that I can fit in one tweet @MyPillowUSA @Disney @hulu @USAA @Al…

11.07.2020 05:08:39
Twitter writer_jehan

@writer_jehan RT @normalpeople: Just look at them. 🥺❤️ Some moments from #NormalPeople's @daisyedgarjones and @mescal_paul’s IG live today! Head to @hulu…

11.07.2020 05:08:25
Twitter ___electrick

@___electrick RT @bestofmescal: paul mescal & daisy edgar-jones on ig live watch the full conversation on @hulu igtv

11.07.2020 05:08:05
Twitter meri267

@meri267 RT @hulu: 🌴 Greetings from 🌴 🌴 Palm Springs 🌴 #PalmSpringsMovie is now streaming.

11.07.2020 05:08:01
Twitter A__cZAR

@A__cZAR Bring us Chappelle’s Show @netflix @hulu

11.07.2020 05:07:42
Twitter kalakakes

@kalakakes RT @taylorswift13: Excited to announce the City of Lover Concert! We filmed my show in Paris in September and thought it’d be fun to share…

11.07.2020 05:07:16
Twitter meri267

@meri267 RT @colliderfrosty: The good folks at @hulu just dropped off a #PalmSpringsMovie care package. Thank you! One of my favorite films from @s…

11.07.2020 05:07:11
Twitter kalakakes

@kalakakes RT @taylorswift13: City Of Lover Concert 💕 Airing this Sunday at 10p ET on @ABCNetwork and streaming the next day on @hulu and @disneyplus…

11.07.2020 05:07:10