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rashad 6 months ago
im in nyc and i havent received stamps since november of last year and ive sent my documents in and stil nothing its like wth going on

Minnie 7 months ago
20653 Lexington park Walmart app ebt not working and in store

Andrew 7 months ago
Bossier city Louisiana 71112 I'm supposed to get my snap benefits on to day it's tell me 0 dollars n benefits

rashad 7 months ago
im in nyc i have recertified sent my documents in and still nothing wth going on i havent received benefits since last year in november

Cindy 7 months ago
I'm in NY and I get food stamps and cash I got my food stamps but not my cash. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it? This is the first time I've had any problems

rashad 7 months ago
im in the nyc and they have seen my documents in nothin im payin cash for everythin money ive saved up its frustrating af i heard from somebody not sure if this is legit or bs i heard that they are paying on giving snap benefits an extra 95 dollars its like why not do it now thats fuckin stupid

Julie 8 months ago
My card did not have my payment today I have 4 kidd yo feed real low on food

Mike 8 months ago
Won't let me purchase from Amazon fresh. Kicks up an error message. Even though when you call the card there is money on the card.

Jill 8 months ago
EBT is down in new York and Flor that I know of. But we aren't getting an update

Melissa 8 months ago
33403 riviera beach I’m having issues making payments it keeps saying insufficient funds

Yiselle 8 months ago
It's down here in long beach 90813 as well.i went to like every atm. Only way I could get cash out was at 711 cash back or a store like rite aid cash back.otherwise no

N 8 months ago
90003 EBT card trippin can’t take money off any one else

Alice Rodriguez 8 months ago
Anyone else can’t take out money from bank from ebt cash ? Los Angeles 90002

Amber 8 months ago
Called the number on the card for balance and it says the number is not in service anymore. Tried to login and it just holds me on the same page for ever and I can't log in..I'm in utah

rashad 9 months ago
its going to be down for a long time but who in the hell decided to give people a recertification process now make it make sense especially if u know damm well people need to do it face to face why not give people a waiver smh meaning waive them in no recertification just yet u got people paying cash for their food when it should be for bills smh im in nyc 10474

Kay 10 months ago
South Carolina ebt was down this morning I’m about to go see if it’s still down.

Robert 10 months ago
It's down in Central ny and no answers are given why. I get it's a server issue. Also grocery clerks can stop being so rude, it's not our fault, just put the items back that's your job

Ashley 10 months ago
As far as I know EBT and EWIC services were down for maintenance from 3am- 7am (not sure on time zone) and it’s still experiencing issues nationwide, please treat cashiers and clerks with respect as it is not our fault- Sincerely a grocery store employee

patty s 10 months ago
hi,anyone try using card in lowell mass?

Sarah 10 months ago
Ebt is down in Somerset Pennsylvania this morning tried to do my Saturday morning shopping for my family for the week. Ugh.



SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, provides food-purchasing assistance for low and no-income people in the U.S. EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) is the system that allows recipients to use their SNAP benefits using a debit card.

Potential Network-Related Challenges for SNAP EBT Users:

1. System Downtime: There might be instances when the EBT system undergoes scheduled maintenance or experiences unexpected technical glitches, preventing users from accessing their benefits.
2. Balance Inquiries: There may be times when users encounter difficulties checking their EBT balance due to system errors or connectivity problems.
3. Online Portal Issues: If the state offers an online portal for checking balances or transaction histories, users may sometimes find it inaccessible due to server issues or excessive traffic.
4. Delayed Benefit Deposits: Occasionally, technical issues might result in a delay in the deposit of monthly benefits to the EBT card.

Troubleshooting Advice for SNAP EBT Users:

1. Stay Updated: Regularly check the official SNAP website or contact the local SNAP office for current updates regarding any system outages or known issues.
2. Use the Phone System: If the online portal is down, users can typically check their balance using the phone system provided by their state's EBT program.
3. Wait and Retry: If you face a temporary system glitch, wait for a short period and try again.
4. Contact Customer Support: For any persistent issues or concerns, get in touch with the customer service number provided on the back of the EBT card.

Staying informed and proactive can help SNAP EBT recipients navigate potential disruptions and ensure they make the most of their benefits.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 22.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at SNAP EBT. The most frequently affected cities were: Battle Creek
Reported outages on 21.02.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at SNAP EBT. The most frequently affected cities were: Prairieville
Reported outages on 20.02.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at SNAP EBT. The most frequently affected cities were: Brooklyn, Mahwah
Reported outages on 19.02.2024:
There were a total of 33 outages at SNAP EBT. The most frequently affected cities were: New York, Oklahoma City, Lockport, New Haven, Lake City
Reported outages on 18.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at SNAP EBT. The most frequently affected cities were: Newark
Reported outages on 16.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at SNAP EBT. The most frequently affected cities were: Overland Park

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