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Common problems are:

Connection 36%
Login 23%
iOS-App 20%
Android-App 20%
Website 1%

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About Grindr

Grindr is a social networking app, that is based on a geosocial location. It's geared specifically towards gay and bisexual men, and created to help its members meet other gay men in their area for dating, friendship or sexual encounters. It can run on both iOS and Android phones. It's on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It comes in both a free and subscription-based mode which is called Grindr Xtra. The app uses the mobile devices' geolocation, a feature that all smart phones have which allows its users to locate other available men who are located nearby to hook up.

Live reports

Twitter BrianGr16285359

@BrianGr16285359 @Grindr The amount of fake scam criminals are scary enough on this app.

24.10.2020 22:50:29
Twitter Danihill411

@Danihill411 RT @FoursACrowdPod: What do you get when you combine a @Grindr date, Romy and Michele’s HS Reunion, Cher, and Catwoman? Why our #Halloween…

24.10.2020 22:34:48
Twitter JediJosh83

@JediJosh83 RT @downlownweho: @Grindr I messed up, I got banned, didn’t realize how important Grindr is to me. Give me a fine, give me probation, but d…

24.10.2020 21:59:45
Twitter JediJosh83

@JediJosh83 RT @AgeKalki: @bonforte how can u ban @Grindr member for no reason, capturing customer phone IMEI number (which is ilegal) & block them to…

24.10.2020 21:58:43
Twitter JediJosh83

@JediJosh83 RT @Jordan_Darlin: @grindr @GooglePlay Ive seen thousands of tweets saying the same Grindr used my IMEI w/o my consent, to ban my device.…

24.10.2020 21:58:10
Twitter wildsonflower

@wildsonflower RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 21:58:09
Twitter PettiNetty

@PettiNetty Gays all around the world are adding I’m into 34+35ing to their @Grindr / @scruffapp accounts.

24.10.2020 21:38:11
Twitter SSLK98

@SSLK98 RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 21:36:12
Twitter SiphesihleMakh2

@SiphesihleMakh2 RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 21:29:50
Twitter CamaradeQuentin

@CamaradeQuentin @Grindr There are still fake on Halloween ?

24.10.2020 21:07:16
Twitter Shaddup_Zenie

@Shaddup_Zenie RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 20:32:39
Twitter EddSchumer

@EddSchumer RT @Grindr: this Halloween... join us if you dare ☠️

24.10.2020 20:26:59
Twitter hlurkensmirk

@hlurkensmirk RT @AConsiderateTop: @Grindr Anyway, subscribe to mine ✌🏻

24.10.2020 20:24:52
Twitter ahauntedvagina2

@ahauntedvagina2 @ridhicuIous @Grindr whoa, that;s too much to ask

24.10.2020 20:16:43
Twitter ridhicuIous

@ridhicuIous @ahauntedvagina2 @Grindr obviously not 😂😂😂 I just want love

24.10.2020 20:15:50
Twitter itsaboutPATRICK

@itsaboutPATRICK is @tiktok_ph is the new @Grindr can we have more strict rules?????

24.10.2020 20:15:05
Twitter ahauntedvagina2

@ahauntedvagina2 @ridhicuIous @Grindr but are you, really?

24.10.2020 20:12:01
Twitter ridhicuIous

@ridhicuIous @ahauntedvagina2 @Grindr no. I'm just going to tell my mother I'm ready for rishtaas.

24.10.2020 20:10:20
Twitter KennethJulian85

@KennethJulian85 @Grindr I’m getting a message “unable to create an account grindr”... Anyone else? How do I fix it?

24.10.2020 20:10:09
Twitter ahauntedvagina2

@ahauntedvagina2 @ridhicuIous you know what, you should give up on hinge at this point, and try @Grindr

24.10.2020 20:05:20
Twitter Busi_Documented

@Busi_Documented RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 19:54:42
Twitter SeayonceKnows

@SeayonceKnows This man sounds like he is ranking his @Grindr hookups. I'll bet $100 he's a fellow homosexual. 😅🤣😂

24.10.2020 19:51:40

@THEOKINGB RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 19:45:04
Twitter moesuttle

@moesuttle RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 19:44:25
Twitter nkeloh_

@nkeloh_ RT @lelowhatsgood: Look at the material 💖 ✨ Featured on @Grindr —

24.10.2020 19:42:42

@DAVEERAZ0 @Grindr stop making it easier for discreet mofos to cheat on their wives... you are the problem!

24.10.2020 19:42:39
Twitter LikhonaD

@LikhonaD @lelowhatsgood @Grindr This is so cool. Deadass inspired ❤️😍🥺

24.10.2020 19:41:56
Twitter zombobly

@zombobly @Grindr get fucked to death for halloween ☺︎

24.10.2020 19:31:06
Twitter slammij

@slammij RT @YouOnMeOnYou: Oh how nice it would be to meet other gays in the community in a differnt city... IF @grindr would lift that dumb life ti…

24.10.2020 19:22:20
Twitter Djcali1985

@Djcali1985 @Grindr what’s wrong with your app. Every time i open it, it suddenly turns off my phone. Ugh

24.10.2020 19:15:09