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Common problems are:

Connection 35%
iOS-App 25%
Login 18%
Android-App 18%
Website 3%

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About Grindr

Grindr is a social networking app, that is based on a geosocial location. It's geared specifically towards gay and bisexual men, and created to help its members meet other gay men in their area for dating, friendship or sexual encounters. It can run on both iOS and Android phones. It's on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It comes in both a free and subscription-based mode which is called Grindr Xtra. The app uses the mobile devices' geolocation, a feature that all smart phones have which allows its users to locate other available men who are located nearby to hook up.

Live reports

Twitter CBTweets7

@CBTweets7 @MysterySolvent Something from @Grindr?

19.02.2020 03:03:33
Twitter reflecti0nnn

@reflecti0nnn @Grindr pls ban this disgusting man!!

19.02.2020 03:00:45
Twitter reflecti0nnn

@reflecti0nnn @queer_n_unusual @Grindr oh my god I’m so sorry!! I really hope grindr bans him!! this is sick and scary 🤬😰

19.02.2020 03:00:08
Twitter divyans123

@divyans123 Soon #NishanthShetty & #sreenivasgowda would start featuring on @grindr DPs. Gay guys be like give me all your shir…

19.02.2020 02:23:15
Twitter ZPm05

@ZPm05 Yeah Grindr doesn’t get to see me high. >:(

19.02.2020 02:15:59
Twitter CallmeFL1NT

@CallmeFL1NT RT @daddyissuss: Deleted @Grindr account to the sad loss of #KevinBacon, lost at such a young age.

19.02.2020 02:15:25
Twitter CallmeFL1NT

@CallmeFL1NT The man who ate #KevinBacon's testicles on @Grindr is so full, he hasn't had a meal since late December

19.02.2020 02:13:52
Twitter jamponts

@jamponts @Grindr Need your help someone is using my photo.

19.02.2020 02:09:34
Twitter paristwit

@paristwit RT @Lokies: I heard y'all like some thighs, because the clowns over at @Grindr won't let me upload this photo because it's 'nUDiTy'. https:…

19.02.2020 01:33:49
Twitter dd_mercalli

@dd_mercalli RT @Grindr: bb bttm pig looking to host, hmu 🐷 translation:

19.02.2020 01:24:25
Twitter Gay_Boi101

@Gay_Boi101 RT @Grindr: bb bttm pig looking to host, hmu 🐷 translation:

19.02.2020 00:58:31
Twitter maumrtnz

@maumrtnz Thanks uncle @Grindr!

19.02.2020 00:42:28
Twitter CryptoCRyanLoki

@CryptoCRyanLoki @SimonAHarman @Tinder @hinge @session_app If it was pure marketing, you’d hit @Grindr and the others too

19.02.2020 00:35:38
Twitter HFD_2019

@HFD_2019 Wanna fuck with your metal health & well-being? Just download @Grindr! Full of; timewasters, fakes/flakes, liars,…

18.02.2020 23:55:49
Twitter CristhoferSean

@CristhoferSean RT @Grindr: seeing double 👯‍♂️

18.02.2020 23:48:26
Twitter blackwolf1689

@blackwolf1689 RT @Grindr: seeing double 👯‍♂️

18.02.2020 23:46:59
Twitter Rafa69050006

@Rafa69050006 RT @Grindr: seeing double 👯‍♂️

18.02.2020 23:42:38
Twitter 69TMX420

@69TMX420 @Grindr @lincolnwjohnson @heycnyn That'd cute. Nigga in sand tho

18.02.2020 23:37:26
Twitter Mega6996

@Mega6996 RT @Grindr: seeing double 👯‍♂️

18.02.2020 23:36:13
Twitter mldelax

@mldelax @RamuelAsturiano @basteboi @Grindr Predatory gays preying on desperate youngsters. You can google “mercy” and “serv…

18.02.2020 23:33:30
Twitter JJ_Grayson

@JJ_Grayson Here’s another classic. @Grindr

18.02.2020 23:28:13
Twitter colmdavey1

@colmdavey1 Guys on @Grindr never cease to amaze me 🤦‍♂️

18.02.2020 23:23:45
Twitter bobtasticalb

@bobtasticalb @Grindr I might just be a normal young guy I ain’t no one special sure, but maybe it’s time to look Into how profil…

18.02.2020 22:43:18
Twitter basteboi

@basteboi @RamuelAsturiano @Grindr anyway, andami rin daw scam so bye.

18.02.2020 22:30:48
Twitter RamuelAsturiano

@RamuelAsturiano @basteboi @Grindr AND PROBABLY THE SIZE. Chost!~

18.02.2020 22:27:14
Twitter bobtasticalb

@bobtasticalb On the topic of trolling .. in today’s world who in their right minds think it’s acceptable to troll a random perso…

18.02.2020 22:26:44
Twitter BenNicoara

@BenNicoara i’ve been on @Grindr since June and it’s never happened before, until yesterday. banned 3 times in 2 days.

18.02.2020 22:24:56
Twitter BenNicoara

@BenNicoara some random person has it out for me & keeps reporting my profile as “spammy” activity...and @Grindr does nothing a…

18.02.2020 22:24:11
Twitter basteboi

@basteboi @RamuelAsturiano agree. can @grindr make another app... grindr spa

18.02.2020 22:15:49
Twitter nljga1

@nljga1 RT @tfitzsimons: .@Grindr's new web interface is designed to be used at "werq"

18.02.2020 21:41:38