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Login 20%
Android-App 20%
Website 1%

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Grindr is a social networking app, that is based on a geosocial location. It's geared specifically towards gay and bisexual men, and created to help its members meet other gay men in their area for dating, friendship or sexual encounters. It can run on both iOS and Android phones. It's on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It comes in both a free and subscription-based mode which is called Grindr Xtra. The app uses the mobile devices' geolocation, a feature that all smart phones have which allows its users to locate other available men who are located nearby to hook up.

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Twitter KumarPrim

@KumarPrim RT @DesiJohn8: Thts the pirr desi friend of mine who fucks me ..@MrGay66712346 @artsexuall @Arunsar83240372 @DesiJohn8 @BaironHellXXX @sexu…

11.07.2020 03:15:38
Twitter barkleymusic

@barkleymusic @healthbizwomen @gefencodes @Grindr ayyy! couldn’t agree more!

11.07.2020 03:12:19
Twitter SegunOluwadele


11.07.2020 03:06:48
Twitter healthbizwomen

@healthbizwomen @gefencodes Not sure if you need inspiration but check out @Grindr frigay playlist!! Highly recommend @barkleymusic…

11.07.2020 02:48:52
Twitter MatthewCardwe12

@MatthewCardwe12 @Grindr @GBGMC_Int @TheKalenAllen @theebillyporter @kenyonfarrow @NettaBarzilai @ClermontTwins Associating a black…

11.07.2020 02:29:57
Twitter MatthewCardwe12

@MatthewCardwe12 @BBCWorld @Guardian @Grindr has called its 12-hour in app Black Pride event a 'riot' which is racist echoing greate…

11.07.2020 02:25:18
Twitter connor12294

@connor12294 @tylersunderland @Grindr I accept it

11.07.2020 02:21:14
Twitter tylersunderland

@tylersunderland Love this @Grindr

11.07.2020 02:07:40
Twitter usofaoptimist

@usofaoptimist @fras99 @Grindr hookups at conventions. That’s why they’re suing the mayor of #houston

11.07.2020 01:42:22
Twitter GBGMC_Int

@GBGMC_Int RT @FURILLOSTAR: S/o to @Grindr @glaad and @TheDaysofDae for having me be apart of such a HUGE movement ! The culture needs this ! https://…

11.07.2020 01:34:28
Twitter TheDaysofDae

@TheDaysofDae RT @FURILLOSTAR: S/o to @Grindr @glaad and @TheDaysofDae for having me be apart of such a HUGE movement ! The culture needs this ! https://…

11.07.2020 01:31:39
Twitter zachailustria

@zachailustria @Grindr can you please add more descriptor options for statistics? i’m thick & juicy, but the only option for someo…

11.07.2020 01:31:27
Twitter TheDaysofDae

@TheDaysofDae Still going #GlobalBlackPride @Grindr + @GBGMC_Int Present: The First Global Black Gay Pride Is a Riot via @YouTube

11.07.2020 01:30:47
Twitter VersFreak4

@VersFreak4 #Grindr removing the ethnicity filter is a fucking joke seriously. @Grindr

11.07.2020 01:18:06
Twitter hot_connection2

@hot_connection2 RT @dangerous_80: Quanto adoro scopare un bel culetto! 😈 I love to fuck a beautiful ass! @GayPornBear @gayamateurs…

11.07.2020 00:54:05
Twitter TheGreatAsscape

@TheGreatAsscape @Grindr please put the ethnicity filter back on the app. It’s making the process of finding black big dick tops in…

11.07.2020 00:50:49
Twitter SegunOluwadele

@SegunOluwadele @Grindr only responds when I tweet at them so HEY PLS UNBAN ME LIKE WTF I LITERALLY DIDNT DO ANYTHING

11.07.2020 00:40:38
Twitter namesnotsharon

@namesnotsharon RT @Grindr: “I found it oddly empowering to make a self-loathing anthem about ways you want to change yourself...” 🌈 queer pop singer @bark…

11.07.2020 00:39:41
Twitter InUrBeautyHole

@InUrBeautyHole When you add your @instagram handle to @Grindr

10.07.2020 23:40:37
Twitter garyonwater

@garyonwater RT @manhattan_liz: .@LindseyGrahamSC What's your handle on @Grindr?

10.07.2020 23:29:15
Twitter Dromm25

@Dromm25 RT @CaribEquality: HAPPENING NOW! Join us for the first #GlobalBlackGayPride! ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 Watch the #Caribbean Segment LIVE on YouTube ▶️ https…

10.07.2020 22:59:05
Twitter manhattan_liz

@manhattan_liz .@LindseyGrahamSC What's your handle on @Grindr?

10.07.2020 22:52:31
Twitter thegeraldoliver

@thegeraldoliver RT @cheyennebeam_: I joined @Grindr + @gbgmc_international for The First Global Black Gay Pride today from 10am ET today until 9pm ET along…

10.07.2020 22:32:16
Twitter ItsJmooHoe

@ItsJmooHoe @Grindr how you gone let someone use a picture with their dick out as their profile pic HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

10.07.2020 22:31:15
Twitter TheDaysofDae

@TheDaysofDae US Segment is going live now: @Grindr + @GBGMC_Int Present: The First Global Black Gay Pride Is a Riot via @YouTube

10.07.2020 22:30:52
Twitter Bimale4hugecock

@Bimale4hugecock @Grindr Has it really got to the point where you can’t choose ethnicity? I prefer black guys, but now there’s no category to choose 😡

10.07.2020 22:16:00
Twitter CoryMar95243771

@CoryMar95243771 @Throwaw97457665 @DJO215 @devil_huntress @TiberSGreece @hauntedcade @MaxLeopold @Grindr Exactly!! It's just sooo st…

10.07.2020 22:01:41
Twitter eBARnews

@eBARnews @Grindr , the largest #hookup app for #gay men, has dispensed with its ethnicity filter with the stated goal of enc…

10.07.2020 22:00:33
Twitter MissBriawna

@MissBriawna @AlexKayJustOk @Grindr It's the cleavage lol

10.07.2020 21:58:29
Twitter CoryMar95243771

@CoryMar95243771 @biannualgiant @Grindr @bailproject I know.. like not being mostly attracted to certain races is not being racist!…

10.07.2020 21:47:21