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Login 22%
Android-App 9%

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Grindr is a social networking app, that is based on a geosocial location. It's geared specifically towards gay and bisexual men, and created to help its members meet other gay men in their area for dating, friendship or sexual encounters. It can run on both iOS and Android phones. It's on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It comes in both a free and subscription-based mode which is called Grindr Xtra. The app uses the mobile devices' geolocation, a feature that all smart phones have which allows its users to locate other available men who are located nearby to hook up.

Live reports

Twitter lpglss

@lpglss RT @mimipetitexoxo: @MrBohemian92 @Grindr mind your homosexual business

17.10.2019 02:44:45
Twitter Whorpio98

@Whorpio98 RT @versarxhie: @MrBohemian92 @Grindr we don’t and they do, next case !

17.10.2019 02:39:37
Twitter max_4short

@max_4short RT @jnardino: On this #PronounsDay, a friendly reminder to my fellow gay men that the pronouns section of your @grindr profile is not your…

17.10.2019 02:38:46
Twitter CaptainSteveXXX

@CaptainSteveXXX @MensHumor This is from @grindr 😹

17.10.2019 02:38:21
Twitter Di_pression

@Di_pression @MrBohemian92 @Grindr Gay white man? Next.

17.10.2019 02:33:22
Twitter bboombboommp3

@bboombboommp3 @Grindr Ok...... so are you going to stop banning transwomen and protect them on your app now

17.10.2019 02:32:45
Twitter DMB252525

@DMB252525 RT @Will_Duffield: "There were like 10 protective orders that were violated and law enforcement did nothing," - @daniellecitron. This is no…

17.10.2019 02:27:07
Twitter TheNormaJeane

@TheNormaJeane @Grindr I see no issue here. Lol

17.10.2019 02:23:58
Twitter ItsCelesteSis

@ItsCelesteSis @MrBohemian92 @Grindr This is mad transphobic and you should consider how foolish you sound.

17.10.2019 02:17:04
Twitter TheCharQueen

@TheCharQueen RT @jnardino: On this #PronounsDay, a friendly reminder to my fellow gay men that the pronouns section of your @grindr profile is not your…

17.10.2019 02:15:41
Twitter ChrissiePrissy

@ChrissiePrissy @MensHumor I’m a Trans WOMAN who uses @Grindr. What’s funny?

17.10.2019 02:14:19
Twitter jacobloveskesha

@jacobloveskesha @Grindr @kimpetras she’s a rape apologist

17.10.2019 02:08:22
Twitter wtrmelonsmiles

@wtrmelonsmiles @MrBohemian92 @mimipetitexoxo @Grindr lmao okay matthew, next time look up who fucking pushed the gay rights moveme…

17.10.2019 02:07:17
Twitter IamMattDowling

@IamMattDowling I mean, even @Grindr is slowly understanding this. They've recently added a section within the profile builder for…

17.10.2019 02:06:00
Twitter BennJames11

@BennJames11 RT @Grindr: .@charli_xcx after she decided to throw @slayyyter on a remix of Click

17.10.2019 02:02:11
Twitter UVmakeup

@UVmakeup @Grindr @babyxbruiser Honestly people give Grindr a bad rep cuz the users but the actual app is run so well and consciously 🌸

17.10.2019 02:00:37
Twitter sonovthedawn

@sonovthedawn @b_ellicott @DatBoiChuy @Grindr the screenshot is from Grindr bro

17.10.2019 02:00:31
Twitter twat_with_krabz

@twat_with_krabz @msevareign @Grindr No they just want the likes they don't actually give a fxck about us

17.10.2019 01:59:14
Twitter juliopina_

@juliopina_ @boy4top @Grindr @BreakBinaryLLC For someone that is into fisting I would assume you’d be more understanding.

17.10.2019 01:55:01
Twitter juliopina_

@juliopina_ @NiklasUniverse @Grindr @BreakBinaryLLC Same. Neve heard of no pronouns before.

17.10.2019 01:51:39
Twitter AIPinoy

@AIPinoy Stupid let @Grindr be used for hookups not drugs

17.10.2019 01:51:29
Twitter maxixcx1

@maxixcx1 @furynpatience @MrBohemian92 @Grindr thank you ma’am

17.10.2019 01:38:59
Twitter msevareign

@msevareign @Grindr does this mean you’ll work harder to keep trans women safe on the app?

17.10.2019 01:26:49
Twitter teaqueer


17.10.2019 01:25:03
Twitter _hottodoggu

@_hottodoggu @Grindr GOT ‘EM

17.10.2019 01:18:59
Twitter saralilith54

@saralilith54 @b_ellicott @DatBoiChuy @Grindr Were you always such a buzzkill or did you have to work at it? Goddamn.

17.10.2019 01:16:35
Twitter ambsdfg

@ambsdfg RT @1000000eV: In their community guidelines, @Grindr claims commitment to creating an environment where diversity and inclusion thrive. In…

17.10.2019 01:11:32
Twitter ArendRox

@ArendRox @Grindr The clap back we needed Grindr

17.10.2019 01:10:08
Twitter DarthXavier

@DarthXavier RT @babygothboy: @MrBohemian92 @Grindr Shut the fuck up the app wasnt made just for gay men you arent being sidelined because of trans wome…

17.10.2019 01:06:59
Twitter babygothboy

@babygothboy @DawnOfTitania @MrBohemian92 @Grindr Notice im the only one he hasnt replied to to argue with yet

17.10.2019 01:05:03