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Connection 36%
Login 23%
Android-App 20%
iOS-App 19%
Website 2%

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About Grindr

Grindr is a social networking app, that is based on a geosocial location. It's geared specifically towards gay and bisexual men, and created to help its members meet other gay men in their area for dating, friendship or sexual encounters. It can run on both iOS and Android phones. It's on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It comes in both a free and subscription-based mode which is called Grindr Xtra. The app uses the mobile devices' geolocation, a feature that all smart phones have which allows its users to locate other available men who are located nearby to hook up.

Live reports

Twitter OnikaMinajAfrik

@OnikaMinajAfrik @Grindr @CupcakKe_rapper Y’all weird. STFU

27.02.2021 18:04:15
Twitter Cassie_Lynne777

@Cassie_Lynne777 @Senn_Nh @b4rbiesken @Grindr @CupcakKe_rapper ew homophobes

27.02.2021 18:04:10
Twitter deathdeluxe_

@deathdeluxe_ @Grindr @CupcakKe_rapper can u please control the f@g running this account? thanks

27.02.2021 18:03:19
Twitter OfficialXandr_

@OfficialXandr_ @Grindr @CupcakKe_rapper Really? Cus all I see are, "hungry hole bottoms" 🥴

27.02.2021 18:00:20
Twitter DirtyLaundryT

@DirtyLaundryT TWO ✌🏼more shows of BORDERS!!! #tonight #show #virtual @Grindr @Skype thank you for making…

27.02.2021 17:51:55
Twitter Gerarddavidjr

@Gerarddavidjr @BlakeTheBagel @Grindr Me too I've been banned from grinding from was two years now it's ridiculous but I'm over it…

27.02.2021 17:51:31
Twitter codydamncox

@codydamncox I love how guys on @Grindr will be like “___ to the front of the line”. Like, bitch there ain’t no line for you.

27.02.2021 17:47:50
Twitter Hardwood_

@Hardwood_ @IRaptorI @brave @SBF_Alameda @Grindr @SBF_Alameda what are you building there ?

27.02.2021 17:28:20
Twitter lepetitedweeb

@lepetitedweeb RT @Grindr: TOMORROW: join artist and curator @laquanndawson in a livestream discussion on Black queer art & visibility, right on our IG 📲…

27.02.2021 17:23:33
Twitter StartupJobs

@StartupJobs .@grindr is growing! 💪 Hiring a Director, API Engineering (West Hollywood)

27.02.2021 17:20:07
Twitter kendrickdaye

@kendrickdaye RT @Grindr: TOMORROW: join artist and curator @laquanndawson in a livestream discussion on Black queer art & visibility, right on our IG 📲…

27.02.2021 17:18:20
Twitter xiscan1

@xiscan1 RT @StartupJobs: WANTED: Head of Recruitment at @grindr (remote)

27.02.2021 17:17:47
Twitter noirnicki

@noirnicki @BEYYY10093529 @theecunty @alex97ramirez @Grindr @CupcakKe_rapper gross

27.02.2021 17:12:08
Twitter StartupJobs

@StartupJobs WANTED: Head of Recruitment at @grindr (remote)

27.02.2021 17:10:10
Twitter ShoesWorn

@ShoesWorn Getting a lot of attention on Grindr but not been brave enough to meet any guys :( need a Domme to help / force me!…

27.02.2021 17:03:36
Twitter Paleoturkey

@Paleoturkey @Roger_Smith_911 @Grindr I didn’t see anyone pull out and leave.

27.02.2021 17:00:32
Twitter AFOtter41

@AFOtter41 RT @flyboyotterxxx: Love giving head 😈🐷 #cumlover #gaypiggy #daddysboi #gaybottom @Grindr @scruffapp

27.02.2021 16:59:21
Twitter elisakay

@elisakay RT @Grindr: broadway baby!!! 🎭 anything goes on the latest #DragRace 🎶 a lovers’ quarrel, advice from #AnneHathaway, show-stopping vocals f…

27.02.2021 16:42:04
Twitter Guysbelike2

@Guysbelike2 RT @Jdiamondisme: Thank you @Grindr !! Your merch is hella cute tho.

27.02.2021 16:41:53
Twitter Roger_Smith_911

@Roger_Smith_911 RT @Roger_Smith_911: Oh boy, look what @Paleoturkey last @Grindr hookup said about him 🤣

27.02.2021 16:27:54
Twitter Sydward9000

@Sydward9000 @Grindr @oneofthemariahs Not Grindr being basic.

27.02.2021 16:27:53
Twitter jigglypuffsblnt

@jigglypuffsblnt @BlakeTheBagel @Grindr literally a blessing in disguise

27.02.2021 16:22:12
Twitter Gartreezy

@Gartreezy @_IanJ @Grindr So I take it the trade is off And neither of us have EU passports okay okay okay cool

27.02.2021 16:15:52
Twitter _IanJ

@_IanJ @Gartreezy @Grindr You ain’t shit 🤣

27.02.2021 16:14:48
Twitter AxlDCastro

@AxlDCastro RT @fagtwigs: @Grindr @CupcakKe_rapper Now she not rolling w lgbt 😞

27.02.2021 16:14:08
Twitter Gartreezy

@Gartreezy @_IanJ @Grindr If your bae is free then we can strike a trade 😂 Let’s make a deal 🤝

27.02.2021 16:10:11
Twitter _IanJ

@_IanJ @Gartreezy @Grindr Is YOUR European bae free range?

27.02.2021 16:09:11
Twitter staytruehoe1

@staytruehoe1 @Jdiamondisme @Grindr I want one lol where do it find it 🥰🥰🥰

27.02.2021 16:06:35
Twitter cchamp69

@cchamp69 Life has been so much better without @Grindr and the toxic men on there.

27.02.2021 16:06:14
Twitter Gartreezy

@Gartreezy @_IanJ @Grindr Soooo euro bae is free game or not 😂

27.02.2021 16:05:14