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Website 48%
Login 27%
Blackout 15%
Check-out 9%

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Amazon is the market leader in online trading with the largest selection of books, CDs, electronic devices and videos. By selling platforms such as "market place" and "z-shops", it is possible for private persons and other companies to be a seller on Amazon. Since 2009, the sales portfolio of Amazon to many articles such as computers, audio and video cables and accessories advanced the the in-house brand Amazon Basics.

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Twitter chopda_dinesh

@chopda_dinesh I played this interesting quiz on Amazon #Amazon #QuizTimeMorningsWithAmazon thanks @amazon…

11.07.2020 05:20:05
Twitter l_o_v_e_truth

@l_o_v_e_truth @InsuranceEyes @realDonaldTrump Exactly because China and every other country are selling their stuff directly to t…

11.07.2020 05:19:05
Twitter MsCeliia

@MsCeliia @ReneLacad I’d love some support with my @amazon #ClearTheList wishlist. I’m looking to make our school environment…

11.07.2020 05:18:52
Twitter glory_unto_me

@glory_unto_me @ericadec3 @audpants @amazon those are jokes.

11.07.2020 05:18:49
Twitter Mimi1andbooboo

@Mimi1andbooboo RT @goibeany: This #Wayfair shit isn't just happening on their site here's one example of it occuring on @amazon coupled with a review left…

11.07.2020 05:18:47
Twitter realgapeach3

@realgapeach3 RT @goibeany: This #Wayfair shit isn't just happening on their site here's one example of it occuring on @amazon coupled with a review left…

11.07.2020 05:18:43
Twitter CalliopeCo

@CalliopeCo .⁦@amazon⁩ *walks back* employee ⁦@tiktok_us⁩ ban 🇨🇳, saying it was 'sent in error' - yea, right! via ⁦…

11.07.2020 05:17:48
Twitter 69Sherred1313

@69Sherred1313 RT @garrardhayes: A job in NYC could make me rich or dead. CRIME FICTION THRILLER 'BOURBON & BLOOD' Buy @amazon FREE CLIP #BookBuzzr - http…

11.07.2020 05:17:40
Twitter natwainwright

@natwainwright @rodrigonieto @amazon The damage to these women is life changing. My daughter is called Alexa & has expressed suici…

11.07.2020 05:17:29
Twitter MilindJoshipura

@MilindJoshipura @AmazonHelp The correspondence is completely mechanical and it indicates that @amazon @amazonIN is completely not u…

11.07.2020 05:17:23
Twitter ShieldVoC

@ShieldVoC RT @Adartez20: @amazon @AmazonHelp why did I sign up for Amazon Prime. Account has been locked for over 3 weeks definitely canceling that c…

11.07.2020 05:17:05
Twitter Neko4205

@Neko4205 @goofbaw i used to use it when i worked for amazon but i have no use for it anymore :(

11.07.2020 05:16:40
Twitter iam_santuroy

@iam_santuroy Thanku for tgis amazing quiz @amazon @amazonIN #QuizTimeMorningsWithAmazon

11.07.2020 05:16:12
Twitter indian_host

@indian_host #BanRasbhari What a wrong message to society about a guru and student #shame #SwaraBhaskar pls ban this movie…

11.07.2020 05:16:07
Twitter Abhinandan11

@Abhinandan11 This time with the product details @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos @AmitAgarwal check 5 July 2020 / 29 ite…

11.07.2020 05:15:53
Twitter domsolenique

@domsolenique @amazon u like @Wayfair and selling kids too 🥴

11.07.2020 05:15:34
Twitter Jonatha80958138

@Jonatha80958138 RT @ccarrollbeard: For a company that prides itself on same-day delivery, the fact that @amazon has not been able to reinstate my account a…

11.07.2020 05:15:23
Twitter ParanormalAdds

@ParanormalAdds “He walked into Hell’s fire for me. I would burn the world for him. I’d even give up my dragon.” Dive into the…

11.07.2020 05:15:00
Twitter shadowconn

@shadowconn Shop Amazon Devices - Get $35 Toward a New Fire TV 4K Device @amazon #sponsored #tech #electronics

11.07.2020 05:15:00
Twitter dramacjc

@dramacjc RT @lindsayromantic: The Snow Bride (The Knight and the Witch Book 1) by Lindsay Townsend via @amazon #Beautyandthe…

11.07.2020 05:14:53
Twitter Loonayoongles1

@Loonayoongles1 @amazon bruh dont you wayfair and etsy sell kids or something

11.07.2020 05:14:50
Twitter underageting

@underageting RT @goibeany: This #Wayfair shit isn't just happening on their site here's one example of it occuring on @amazon coupled with a review left…

11.07.2020 05:13:27
Twitter c_p_shepard

@c_p_shepard How do I return a pre-ordered @Amazon album I no longer want? @Olivertree spending like a cash machine...

11.07.2020 05:13:19
Twitter mergurn

@mergurn RT @BLMChi: As if we needed more reasons to hate @amazon

11.07.2020 05:13:11
Twitter SolarPrepper

@SolarPrepper RV and Travel Trailer Preppers Long Term Survival Bug Out Skills Camping Guide via @amazon…

11.07.2020 05:13:07
Twitter janejellyroll

@janejellyroll @amazon apparently most people are being recommended 3%er shirts right now. Huge, if true.

11.07.2020 05:12:48
Twitter PicardSa

@PicardSa dear @JeffBezos @amazon what is wrong with this photo? Hint, I put little red dots by suspected prices---are THESE…

11.07.2020 05:12:38
Twitter chg_pujari

@chg_pujari @amazon @amazonIN @JeffBezos Purchased a product, due to some reason the product got cancelled & after that Amazon…

11.07.2020 05:12:36
Twitter AkiHizirino

@AkiHizirino @DasOriginalPolo Yo! Is amazon problem solved?

11.07.2020 05:12:25
Twitter BusinessWarning

@BusinessWarning @AmazonHelp @amazon @AmazonHelp @Sell_on_Amazon @AmazonUK @awscloud @JeffBezos Can you please ask someone from Sel…

11.07.2020 05:12:14