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Amazon is the market leader in online trading with the largest selection of books, CDs, electronic devices and videos. By selling platforms such as "market place" and "z-shops", it is possible for private persons and other companies to be a seller on Amazon. Since 2009, the sales portfolio of Amazon to many articles such as computers, audio and video cables and accessories advanced the the in-house brand Amazon Basics.

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Twitter shadowconn

@shadowconn Improve your safety while maintaining your writing flow with the  SMOOTHER-PRO Stainless Steel Tactical Pen With wh…

21.01.2020 06:10:00
Twitter cyrils78

@cyrils78 @PiyushGoyal's message about @amazon Jeff Bezos is already out- loud & clear to Global Investors community…

21.01.2020 06:09:51
Twitter EPSUnions

@EPSUnions Amazing graph on how rich people in US pay lower income taxes as other income groups. Not to forget also companies…

21.01.2020 06:09:18
Twitter CathnWillmBooks

@CathnWillmBooks I just listed: 'Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Wa...', for 8.00 via…

21.01.2020 06:09:17
Twitter cagefreesingh

@cagefreesingh @wadhwa @JeffBezos Key challenge he faces in making peace with trading community. Till @Amazon figure out a way to…

21.01.2020 06:08:30
Twitter ShieldVoC

@ShieldVoC RT @vimanto87: @amazonIN @amazon @AmazonHelp I was paid extra ₹100 for one day delivery. But now it is showing as delivery on tomorrow. Th…

21.01.2020 06:08:30
Twitter fartmancartman

@fartmancartman Well nothing wrong here eh Just free speech i guess. @amazon @AmazonHelp @CBCNews @ACLU @IlhanMN @CNN @FoxNews

21.01.2020 06:08:28
Twitter Frame_loss

@Frame_loss @OMGitzGemini @UnicornyLithia @RoraPickles @amazon Ha, that sucks. I'm sorry we ha e an entrance that says no deliv…

21.01.2020 06:08:10
Twitter ShieldVoC

@ShieldVoC RT @BabulalChandak: @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @BandBajaateRaho @ShieldVoC @JagoGrahakJago_ @jagograhakjago MRP 999 for 1 litre ghee ?? Rs 150 d…

21.01.2020 06:07:57
Twitter pptbaba

@pptbaba Every “free return” amazon promises, is a shipping cost borne by the seller, hurting them and not Amazon. Think abo…

21.01.2020 06:07:22
Twitter ChaosReignz84

@ChaosReignz84 @UnicornyLithia @amazon I was like hold up!! I ain't in charge if when they will send them.. I ain't in charge of…

21.01.2020 06:07:17
Twitter vimanto87

@vimanto87 @amazonIN @amazon @AmazonHelp I was paid extra ₹100 for one day delivery. But now it is showing as delivery on tom…

21.01.2020 06:07:14
Twitter FrancisJShaw

@FrancisJShaw RT @filingwords: With book 3 available for pre-order, the complete saga is now available: Witches…

21.01.2020 06:07:00
Twitter CathnWillmBooks

@CathnWillmBooks I just listed: 'Jericho: A modern system of pass defense', for 19.95 via @amazon

21.01.2020 06:06:49
Twitter UnicornyLithia

@UnicornyLithia @Frame_loss @RoraPickles @amazon Agreed, I rather usps take it. My male man is amazing

21.01.2020 06:06:48
Twitter BabulalChandak

@BabulalChandak @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @BandBajaateRaho @ShieldVoC @JagoGrahakJago_ @jagograhakjago MRP 999 for 1 litre ghee ?? Rs 1…

21.01.2020 06:06:48
Twitter ____abiodun____

@____abiodun____ I enjoy reading with iBooks more than any other app on my Mac if @Apple comes up with an @amazon's Kindle competit…

21.01.2020 06:06:14
Twitter tvcollectibles

@tvcollectibles Mermaid Magic 3-Disc DVD Set / H2O: Mermaid Magic / H2O: Metamorphosis / Scales: Mermaids Are Real – NEW! Available…

21.01.2020 06:06:00
Twitter Etch68

@Etch68 @GrammarGirl, where can I find your "Grammar Girl Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students" hardbound editi…

21.01.2020 06:05:47
Twitter UnicornyLithia

@UnicornyLithia @dwinchester77 @amazon I will never understand it. Ups and usps are the one ones who get it right in my area

21.01.2020 06:05:45
Twitter ForRealzy

@ForRealzy @UnicornyLithia @RoraPickles @amazon What in the actual fuck

21.01.2020 06:05:42
Twitter modeboy11

@modeboy11 @Awetosis @amazon @starryiguana follow and retweet 👍👍

21.01.2020 06:05:36
Twitter OMGitzGemini

@OMGitzGemini @UnicornyLithia @Frame_loss @RoraPickles @amazon They tried to say my house was an apartment and they couldnt find…

21.01.2020 06:05:31
Twitter ChaosReignz84

@ChaosReignz84 @UnicornyLithia @amazon Another delivery person got mad because he had to come back to the same house more then onc…

21.01.2020 06:05:27
Twitter its_melissalove

@its_melissalove When @amazon locks u out of ur account bc the security questions are things like “what’s the security code on that…

21.01.2020 06:05:19
Twitter BlasterNath

@BlasterNath @JeffBezos @amazon Really not interested. Change the policy of treating Indian customers as second grade. Your retu…

21.01.2020 06:05:14
Twitter coolalrite

@coolalrite I never knew Amazon did same day shipping till now. Thanks @amazon!

21.01.2020 06:05:11
Twitter shivam_k03

@shivam_k03 @amazonIN @amazon Can you please deliver my order as early as possible. It's urgent ! Early action to this tweet w…

21.01.2020 06:04:55
Twitter Frame_loss

@Frame_loss @UnicornyLithia @RoraPickles @amazon I wish there was an option on Amazon to choose "for the love of God do not shi…

21.01.2020 06:04:53
Twitter VersatileAshu

@VersatileAshu RT @VersatileAshu: @amazon @AmazonHelp i ordered for a oneplus 7 pro with guaranteed delivery option by 11am today 21/01/2020, but delivery…

21.01.2020 06:03:59