What is WAN?


Wide Area Network (WAN) is a type of computer network that covers a broad area, such as a city, country, or even globally. It connects multiple local area networks (LANs) and allows users to communicate and share resources over long distances. WANs are typically operated by telecommunications companies or internet service providers.

Types of WAN Technologies

There are several technologies used to create WANs, including:

1. Leased Lines

Leased lines are dedicated communication lines that provide a direct connection between two or more locations. They offer high bandwidth and are often used by businesses for secure and reliable data transfer.

2. Circuit Switching

Circuit switching is a method of communication where a dedicated circuit is established for the duration of a communication session. This technology is commonly used for telephone networks.

Overall, WANs play a crucial role in connecting geographically dispersed locations and enabling efficient communication and data transfer on a global scale.

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